Two brothers one goal!!

Strange Connecting Dreams

Ever since I was a child I’ve dreamed with vivid impression and frequent recall. They hold a sort of cellular memory. As a child I would often dream of the future and alien ships. I would dream of strange places I knew by hear,t but had never been there physically. I would dream of the changing landscapes, of place familiar to me.  Like a giant mosaic it told a story I couldn’t piece together.

In one I recall I was looking towards the moon knowing something was happening. I hid with my family inside as night became day, and day night. The moon was the sun as it flared with repeated intensity. Only it didn’t change or harm us it started change. When it was over I met these human, government, scientific types stepping out of a space craft. They rode with my family and I down the river in a canoe. All the while taking extensive notes. I had this well before I knew anything of sun flare


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