Two brothers one goal!!


Sacred sites are resonances of the eternal dimension.

Heaven is what earth will become.  It is the cusp of the wave.  We are but observers of potential waiting to embody  that reality we can only now dream of.  The sacred nature of things unknown is but a bleed through of what we will become.

Are the cosmos hearing and answering our prayers?

Tell me of your ride. Have you remained in synchcronistic wonder for some time now? Do you wonder, but internally know where this all is taking us. To look upon from whence it came. To shed light on the true nature of our existence. Wev´e known for some time but haven´t been forced to look in the deep. As soon as it is let go it shall be like a thief in the night.


In the hollow of vision,

there is a point.

Where longing can no longer penetrate.

Yet man wishes to create.

In space there is no measure.

Where does the light generate?

The darkness of extinction.

Is there more to know then extremes.

The reflection of childhood,

this be eternal hope.


Hold thy freedom in thy hand.

Be proud and make a stand.

The words of our forefathers ring in our minds.

Teaching us lessons already learned.

Being proud is what we will find,

is the answer to all who have learned.

The ignorant are humble and bliss.

Learning making a stand is done in earnest,

will bring peace,

peace we can teach.

Father in the Dark

You have to give the past for the future.

Follow you heart not your pride.

I wish I’d done these thing different.

Now the past a fleeting memory building the future.

Hopelessly eternal, lasting, eating, weeping.

Don’t make the mistake of selfishness.

You’ll be a bridge never traveled, a highway never taken.

You’ll be a mocking-bird singing a song.

Follow your heart, follow your heart.

It’s your father in the dark.

Look Up

The words of a wronged person.

Hiding face with a front.

Seeing the world from the back.

Dying forever singing a song.

Look forward, to the horizon.

Do not mock the self,

or you may be digging a grave.

The Dollhouse

I saw a little house.

In this house many lived.

Trapped forever,

forever by themselves.

No one could find the key.

Everyone looked in their pocket.

No one brave enough to look in another’s pocket.

They were blind.

Blind to the fact that if they looked

in someone else’s pocket,

they might escape.

Forever from selfishness.

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,500 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Look as far as ye may.

Show the path ot those who say.

All’s hopeless and doomed.

Look at the ant with pity.

Never knowing.

Look at all of creation,

running around senseless.

Nature in whole, running many parts,

the land of plenty.

We feel rightousness, but pity doesn’t let us say.

All is good, beautiful and true.

Listen and you will know.

Look as far as ye may.

Trapped Driftwood

All the kind warmth of a gentle soul,

is but a speck in the reflection  of creation.

We are that which surrounds us.

Anything else in the world of creation is


We see, we make, we do, we are.

One man an immovable rock in a dessert.

The wind, the rock, the tree, and the light.

The ocean, the dessert, the sky.

The driftwood an engraving of the sea.

The solitude of the dessert.