Two brothers one goal!!


The internet is the noonespere and anyone can start a resonance.

Resonance and The NoosphereThe term resonance has a clear meaning in physics – it is a process of initiating a vibratory response in a receiver that is attuned to an emitter. The emitter is considered as a source of vibrations – they can be periodic, aperiodic or chaotic. In the process of resonance these vibrations ´fire´ sympathetic vibrations in the receiver, the magnitude of which is often greater than the magnitude of the vibrations generated by the emitter.

We know about the existence of mechanical, acoustical, electromagnetic, quantum and superstring resonance. The Adaptive Resonance Theory developed by Grossberg (Grossberg, Stephen, ed. (1988) “Neural Networks and Natural Intelligence”, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.) and widely applied for modelling human cognitive processes by artificial neural networks, uses resonance between two major neuron fields to explain how these networks can learn to recognize, classify and predict patterns and events of the environment both in supervised and unsupervised (without teacher) modes of learning.

Human life crucially depends on the process of resonance: the muscle of the heart demonstrates a kind of chaotic resonance, for “the individual cells of the cardiac muscle are each independent oscillators that pulse at their own rhythm when separated from the rest of the tissue in vitro. However when connected to other cells they synchronize with each other to define a single coupled oscillator” (Harmonic Resonance Theory: an Alternative to the “Neuron Doctrine”, Steven Lehar: the quoted paper Lehar sees the whole brain as a kind of resonator, “whose natural frequency of oscillation as a whole is observed in the global oscillations detected in the electro-encephalogram. This fundamental oscillation sweeping across the whole brain establishes a reference frame or coordinate system in the form of a spatial standing wave, and the higher harmonics on this standing wave represent the spatial percepts of objects perceived in the world, with the phase of those harmonics relative to the fundamental determining the location of the percept in the perceived world”.

The resonance is widely used in descriptions of dynamic interactions at interpersonal level that are unusually effective, spontaneous and complete.

“We say that we ´resonate´ with an idea or another person when we share an unusually rich set of perceptions that implies to us that we are ´on the same wavelength´ – another form of the metaphoric link to physical models. It is a common experience that often is striking in the strength and complexity of shared understanding, and it is associated with successful interactions in pairs and groups of people, and with universally recognized shared experiences. Productivity and creativity are evidently enhanced, and cooperative responses to emergencies and catastrophes seem to be facilitated”
(Internet article on Conscious Resonance at

The world wide web and the Internet communication, by making possible instantaneous sharing of people´s thoughts, skills and feelings serve as powerful catalysers for the conscious resonance to occur.

Consciousness resonance closely relates to the idea of noosphere – a term coined in 1944 by the Russian academic Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945) to describe a new emerging “sphere of intelligence, wherein humanity could employ its evolutionary gifts as a creative collaborative agent of evolution – and where the widening conflict between technosphere and biosphere could be transformed into synergy” (see Allen, J., Nelson, M., Space biospheres, synergistic Press, London, 1986; [link to]

The same term noosphere was used in the book “The Future of Man” of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (published after his death in 1955). He suggested that the Earth in its evolutionary unfolding is growing a new organ of consciousness, called the noosphere. The noosphere is analogous on a planetary level to the evolution of the cerebral cortex in humans. The noosphere is a “planetary thinking network” — an interlinked system of consciousness and information, a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication (see

The ideas of Vernadski and Teilhard de Chardin are applied in the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) – an Internet-based international collaborative project initiated in 1998 that uses technology and methods designed to record effects of events stimulating people to integrate as a world-wide consciousness (see consciousness

Between dreams and reality we are moving from world to world. This world is a crystalization.

Had this answer in a dream last night. That between dimensions is as simple as being between dreaming and waking. As all nature moves from form to form and crystallizes in time. This is what we are seeing between dreaming and waking. That the world of dreams is that of the infinite ocean of ideas not bound by the laws of this reality. That in this reality like it says biblically we are coming to an understanding of good and bad and it’s impact. That when we can rightly attune to the nature of God this world can become one with that of the dream. That waking to the one means being responsible for our brothers as well as ourselves. We must have this present reality to find bliss in the world of dreams as we learn to overcome the nature of sin.

The kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven means that this world will one day come to join the one of dreams. In that moment we will be free to be bound only by our thoughts. Yet this freedom only comes with the recognition and responsibility unto God and his glory. Unto the return of one through the one.
Jungian and eastern philosophy teach that “reality” is a manifestation of the projection of the personal psyche interfacing with the thoughtfield of the By transforming your own reality, you alter and change the collective, because All Is One. Knowing your upcoming transits can help you plan and understand your life.

The Art of Anonymous Blogging.

When I started blogging I found a gap between what I wanted to say and what I felt I could say.  In essence the masks we wear govern our every day.  There is freedom in being anonymous, but there is also cost.  The goal of the blogger is to drive readership.  When one falls lonely on their words they must have impact.  It would be easy to link to friends through Facebook and Twitter.  To do this there is a sense of standing naked before your real world.  This real world person keeps us bound within mores ans standards.  So here in lies the dilemma.  Be free with words and trust them to influence ,or expand with courage, and let the real world see you.

Our real world being is in essence a shadow of our real self that exists somewhere in the in between.

So staying anonymous allows one to truly reflect.  Find your resonance and bring your message unto it.  Then success will follow.

Can we cast out demons in dreams?

I awoke from a fabulous dream. In it I was comforting a young boy who had been deeply scarred by abuse. I picked him up and took him to his demons to confront them, to look upon them.

When we got there a most terrifying entity flew out of him and came after me. As I fled I have never felt such terror as a snakelike creature looked to consume me. I then awoke from fear, but was still in the dream. There were flashing white lights all through my room. I called upon Jesus and told the entity to get behind me. Slowly I saw Jesus face appear smiling. I knew the entity had been cast out.

Then I saw the Kundalini. It was a crystal shinning forth from within us. It was neither good nor bad, but a part of us. It is we who take this individual power and let it corrupt. It is our reptilian nature. Our ability to shift that we have yet been able to handle.

Has anonymous taken on a life of it’s own?

Just yesterday I came into the realization of what anonymous was.  It has always been with us.  The driving force of change.  The will of the people that comes through as the ONE.  When we start to feel helpless and lost, the way is shown.  It has always been that way.

If you hang onto the temporal it will bind you.  If it flows freely though you it will come.  We are just visitors here for a short time.  Open by letting go.  Let the glory be thine.

This idea that grows is being powered by an energy.  Now that we have been given freely a glimpse we see our better selves.  This we hold onto, this unites us.


Can we change our lives by becoming aware in dreams?

I was reading awhile back and remember finding someone claiming that the dream state is a time one can use to evolve.Now consider this. The brain can’t distinguish between what it imagines and what is real. That in our minds what we envision and what we see are the same as reality. If this is so then perhaps what happens mentally in our dreams, also affects us physically.
Through meditation one can slowly learn to control their dreams. To lucid dream is to become aware in our dreams. Now if we gather knowledge to heal the body and transform it, should we not use these things in our dream state?  For example science points out certain frequencies to heal and repair dna. Why not turn it on in our dreams. Why not go in and rewire the body, use it to repair the shape our very dna.
Is this the same as hypnotism, or is it deeper?
The Seed of Life, Tree of Life, and Fruit of Life begin when we consciously “plant” the dark, moist soil of the sub-conscious.

To bring the conscious mind into the dream state, is the sign of an initiate.

But to bring the sub-conscious mind into the waking life, is the sign of a master.

Does the “Myth” create reality? Is it alive in infinite space?

I love to listen to Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung talk. their understanding of myth, IMO goes beyond what we commonly term a metaphor. Now many cultures have their myths as many of these myths cross time and space. We see now the past, present, and future as one connecting to the other. Myths or metaphors are timeless ways of connecting us to our present situations. In fact they often present a way out.
Now where do these collective methaphors originate from? Is it the place of spirit where matter is created? Is it the collective thought that forms our reality? Is it thought is the place unbound by time and space where matter is first borne? I like to think of it as a great ocean. In this ocean of the timeless like minded ideas are bound. They collectively form a wave. Enough strength and that wave crest breaking into matter.
Now take the Christ for example. Told by many peoples in all time. Yet it was manifested in the meridian of time. Perhaps thoughts never die. They go on in the place we came from.

Are we willing to save ourselves by embracing the Alchemical Wedding?

This question was posed while I was watching a documentary, “The Ancient Code?”  It caused me to question how much we reflect the nature of our own being.  Also, how much internal change impacts the reality around us.  Are we so clouded by the world we have been raised in that we can’t see natural evolution?

The alchemical wedding talks of the coming together of heaven and earth.  We are born into twin realities.  The world we materialize in and the world of the internal in our imagination and in dreams.  I think it is safe to say that each impacts the other.  To what extent we can only imagine.

Now, we know all of nature spirals.  What becomes of the singularity as it meets the center? We imagine the coming together of worlds and the point black holes meet to form wormholes.  So, does this not happen on all levels?  Are these two worlds at times touching to form connections between realities?

The coming together of heaven and earth will create a natural wormhole.

Does time exist outside of the Now???

Is there a past? Is there a future.? Is it just all now, in this moment. Without the observer is there a world? What is the true nature of things? We forget as we grow older, so how can we expect a rendition of remembered history to be accurate when we can’t even remember our own childhood.
This brings the question that if we change out perspective and shift our belief system does the past and the present change.
Is there such a thing as retrocausality?  Have you noticed it?


If Jesus Christ returned would he still see the pharisees?

I have been a christian my whole life and on my own terms. It has freed me as I see the eternal within. What angers me is many christian establishments that would defy reason in the name of their faith. They see this hierarchy and right to interpretation as some right. They see not the universality of Jesus Christ, as truth is ignored in the name of the majority one finds themselves swept into a wave of control. Look at Europe and the empty churches to get a glimpse of the future. Every individual has the right to discernment and the right to question. A church is about the people and not the structure. Our need and right for worship is being misused. I say keep questioning and one will see.  The voice of god is manna from heaven as man does not live by bread alone.

Ages ago the gnosis movement was the most powerful threat to the church.  It is now reestablishing it’s momentum and the voices hidden away are now being heard.

The age of revelation is returning.  How did they dare ever say revelation is dead?  God speaks in every moment.

We need to find the universality of God that starts in the truth of the figure Jesus Christ.