Two brothers one goal!!


The twin towers were the gateway to the world of prophecy.

You see this ritual gained so much energy that the actual event started us upon a path to were we all know we are heading.

The secret is this: The Jachin pillar (meaning Yah establishes) is King Solomon, and the Boaz pillar (meaning strength) is King David. And these two were Israel’s most illustrious kings and also the ones mostly responsible for planning and/or building the Jewish Temple. Both kings are messianic figures.

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You see this gateway opened and we have started the return.


T-enoch-tilan=the city of Enoch?

Has it all been a big cover-up?

“Three miles south of the Bimini Road, underwater explorers have found fluted marble columns, which is hard to explain, as marble is not native to the Bahamas. Beneath the waters of the Great Bahama Banks, a large pyramidal building measuring 180 by 140 feet has been located. In the same area, a pilot spotted a wall under 12 fathoms of unusually clear water. Curiously, the wall had an archway going through the middle of it. There was also a recent report of another architectural anomaly a few miles from this wall: a large marble citadel covering five undersea acres with roads leading from it. Unfortunately, diving on the citadel is too hazardous, as Cuban patrol boats regularly visit the waters around it.

Surely if Atlantis did exist in the vicinity of the West Indies, its culture would have rubbed off on the peoples of the eastern coast of Mexico and the North and South Americas? The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, which was inhabited by 300,000 people, was situated on an island in a vast lake in the middle of concentric canals. The Aztecs built the capital as a replica of ´Aztlan´ a land which lay in the east, from which the Aztecs claimed their descent. Tenochtitlan´s concentric layout was a copy of the description of Atlantis given by Plato.”

What was Columbus chasing after? The truth shall soon be revealed, what is in the vatican´s vault?

This all started in the temple.

And so it shall be. The hand of the prophets. The voice of the myths through history shall be raised. It is so because they can not let it be that the people shall be free.

The battle has already been won and they grasp. And so it is the greatest story ever told is about to unfold.

Are ancient monuments, leylines, pyramids the remains of an ancient supercomputer used to overcome reality?

There is an idea that says reaction between energetic bodies magnifies consciousness.  This with the manifestation of collective belief moves towards overcoming the limitations of reality.  Did we once harness this? Allow us to move in inter-dimensional space, between worlds, and be free of limitations.  Was this once the Garden of Eden?  The heaven we are returning to? As a young boy I once dreamed of this.

A Kingdom of Consciousnes

Twice in the movie kingdom of heaven I heard this said. It gave me some things to ponder. Man has been fighting over rocks for centuries. What indeed is holy land as not all land that is created by God holy. This is the problem with we as people. We need and crave the concrete. We can not give what is of this world. We will not let others believe as they will.

How ludicrous is it people bow and wail to a wall. That they walk in unison a circle around a rock.See the paradox. And it goes all the way to Catholics saying they are the rock. They are telling you they are the definers of reality. Who gave them that right.

A little hint. We have technology beyond our imagination but can not use it as it would tear down they way we see things. Our religious structures hold us back.

Tear down the walls. What is the difference between the wailing wall and the berlin wall. Rocks to keep people separate.

What do masonic orders have to do with UFO’s?

Several years back I was curious about the hidden language within the masonic orders. I remember taking some of the words like hoodwinked, tubal cain, jubulhon and googling them. While surfing I kept clicking on new words leading to new places. I remember coming to one site that was completely written in this type of text. I clicked on a random word, a random link. I remember it took me to a sight with a bunch of scientist posing around a ufo. Their were the blueprints, descriptions, etc. I found it rather strange and at the time it spooked me. Now I ask does anyone know more?

The pillars Jachin and Boaz, the two towers, and the two witnesses are all connected.

Upon watching a documentary on the two pillars I came to the conclusion that the images of these seen through all media are part of an underlying current going back to ancient beginnings.  It could be representative of PI, of DNA, or of a sacred gateway.  Perhaps the winding kundalini.

All of the pillars seen through all generations act as an empowering meme.  It could be connected to the two towers, but ultimately I suspect it is empowering the coming two witnesses, or the hero twins of Mayan culture.


13 Masonic Secrets (Online Documentary)

Been working my way through this online documentary and am still digesting it.  I have come about most of this esoteric knowledge in one form or another, but not all.  I also have not seen this put together in this order.  I am recommending and inviting conversation on the said information.  Lot’s to think about.  Why is all this surfacing now?  All the parts can be found on youtube.


This is how I feel about it.

The whole trip has been about trying to write the final piece to the saga that is man. It is about first contact. Egyptian science tells of the three kings moving into Sirius which is the brightest star, then into the sun.

The pillars of Jacob and Boaz are also the two witnesses.

They are empowering the thought form.

Hendaye cross and masonic symbols.

Several years back I was in a local new age store and saw a video, “Alchemic Secrets and the Hendaye Cross”. While I watched this I was blown away. The connections by Jay Weidner were astounding. I was totally floored. Not so much by the video, as by the fact I had recently seen the same symbols elsewhere. I had been in the Smithsonian a couple of months earlier and the minute I walked in and looked to the left I saw the angry sun and the trumpets on a giant headstone. It was from the Mormon temple in Navouu. Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob with masons in it.  He had put these symbols into his temple and had recently joined the masons.  Makes you wonder, Was he killed for revealing this secret?

Years ago on a Godlike thread Vincent Bridges and Sharon Rose came on it. Jay Weidner never openly came out, but I suspect he viewed it if his wife did. I asked them some questions, and they couldn’t answer. Since then I have watched the world unfold and seen this theory never disproved.

Since then I have seen they have put together more movies. I have seen Paul Laviollette keep popping up.

So I watch; which is all one can really do. To see this future unfold is not a reality I desire. But, who can help but watch.

Why is there an Egyptian monolith at the center of the Vatican square?

One of the mysteries surrounding the Vatican. There main goal was to stop sun worship which they deemed as pagan yet the main symbol at their center is just this. What hides behind the Vatican walls. hey have a statue of a pine cone in this establishment which is the symbol of the pineal yet they shun the awakening through the internal light.  They also have some strange statues.Any establishment that maintains secrets has them because they hide something.
The large eight-rayed sun wheel design, symbolic of Ishtar, is immediately noticeable. Look closely in the center of the wheel. What you see there is an obelisk, a genuine Egyptian obelisk shipped from Heliopolis to Rome by the Roman emperor Caligula. The obelisk is, of course, a phallic symbol