Two brothers one goal!!


What do masonic orders have to do with UFO’s?

Several years back I was curious about the hidden language within the masonic orders. I remember taking some of the words like hoodwinked, tubal cain, jubulhon and googling them. While surfing I kept clicking on new words leading to new places. I remember coming to one site that was completely written in this type of text. I clicked on a random word, a random link. I remember it took me to a sight with a bunch of scientist posing around a ufo. Their were the blueprints, descriptions, etc. I found it rather strange and at the time it spooked me. Now I ask does anyone know more?

Why do U.F.O.s always show up during disasters?

I have observed over time that U.F.O.’s always seem to show up around volcanoes and earthquakes.  This led me wonder if their agenda is one which is watching or participating.  How easy would it be for these machines to cause such reactions.


While learning about sonarluminescense I realized simple manipulation of waves into liquids might cause nuclear fusion or a reaction of sorts.  So I wonder with magma being a liquid if there might be an agenda to these craft being present.

I have also heard of the theory that these crafts may account for why so many people go missing when there are massive deaths.

In whatever case it is becoming increasingly evident these crafts are real.  The question is what is their purpose.

Is it negative or positive.  Why is it angels only seems to appear with specific missions where as aliens seem to have known.  This makes me wonder.





Can abductees become unplugged?

Several years back I had a dream in which I didn’t forget. At the time it made little sense. Now I’ve seen parts of it fit. Would anyone have any insight into this dream?

I was a child hiding behind my house. There was a gray with me who was acting as my friend. I was a little unsure of it. He told me he wanted to plug me in and it would all make sense. He acted very excited about showing me. Then a giant machine fell from the sky. I remember this machine was a tube torus. In that moment I rejected the impulse to be plugged in and I felt myself unplugged. I awoke very fast and saw the gray by my bed. In fear it rapidly went behind the door.  It was surprised and then it disappeared.  As I awoke I had a sore red spot on my forehead.