Two brothers one goal!!


T-enoch-tilan=the city of Enoch?

Has it all been a big cover-up?

“Three miles south of the Bimini Road, underwater explorers have found fluted marble columns, which is hard to explain, as marble is not native to the Bahamas. Beneath the waters of the Great Bahama Banks, a large pyramidal building measuring 180 by 140 feet has been located. In the same area, a pilot spotted a wall under 12 fathoms of unusually clear water. Curiously, the wall had an archway going through the middle of it. There was also a recent report of another architectural anomaly a few miles from this wall: a large marble citadel covering five undersea acres with roads leading from it. Unfortunately, diving on the citadel is too hazardous, as Cuban patrol boats regularly visit the waters around it.

Surely if Atlantis did exist in the vicinity of the West Indies, its culture would have rubbed off on the peoples of the eastern coast of Mexico and the North and South Americas? The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, which was inhabited by 300,000 people, was situated on an island in a vast lake in the middle of concentric canals. The Aztecs built the capital as a replica of ´Aztlan´ a land which lay in the east, from which the Aztecs claimed their descent. Tenochtitlan´s concentric layout was a copy of the description of Atlantis given by Plato.”

What was Columbus chasing after? The truth shall soon be revealed, what is in the vatican´s vault?

Global myths trancend language

If you are the last of a dying breed yet wish to impart your knowledge base to the future humans, how would you go about it. You do not know what language will be the dominant one because of future conquest or dominance in one form or another so what should you do.

Through math you would give symbology; like the cross in a circle, patterns emerge. But through language you give mythology as stories transcend language. What are they imparting to us that we are ignoring????

Universal themes of myths include:

Universal Themes

As mentioned previously there are certain themes in mythology across the world that are seen again and again. These concepts seem important enough that cultures around the world thought it necessary to include them in their particular mythology. Parallel Myths by J.F. Bierlein records a number of myths in it under the themes of creation, floods, love, morality tales, heroes, journeys to the Underworld, and the end – the Apocalypse

Which is the next cycle going to be made manifest?

As things float upon the coil of existence they loop. It has grown a little with each turn. Now I feel a calm. A piece of fruit we have bared. What now shall come. We have seen the geopolitical unrest in the summer sun. The collective soul rumbles with indigestion. Now that this heat has made itself known. What comes next?

Is the sun giving us a message?

In the work on human beings and precognition we have found that the human body detects things 6 seconds prior to them happening. In seeing the work on web bots and the global consciousness project we find that the human species seems to have a built in precognitive ability. If we are surrounded by waves of probability popping in and out of existence like the atom in the quantum level then we may be finding all living conscious beings have a sphere of potential that surrounds them, and possibly connects them to other dimensions.

Now that said, consider the recent activity of the sun. The sun our giver of life. To some the symbol of God and great nourisher. What could the activity be telling us? Perhaps a precursor to subtle shifts in all life forms. Hmmmmm I wonder.


Are we seeing the beginning of movement by thought as a scientific possibility?

I’ve always thought of heaven on earth meaning the freedom from our physical bodies and the creation of a being that can move and exist by thought alone.

“Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven”, this we were asked to pray above all prayers.  Would it not come if we were asked to pray?

Now with the scientific community many things have happened and are happening that are leading us towards a world were this may be possible.  Are we ready for it?

First quantum locality proves that a particle can be in two or  places at once.

Perhaps the out of body experience is a thing we are waking to.

Second Dan Winter is proposing dna can carry the same effects.  Emotions can be transported over space instantaneously.

Third science has also proposed that the self can be relocated to other bodies.

Now put the three together.  Can the self be in two or more places at once?  If it is possible would we not then be able to move by thought.

I know this idea will be loudly attacked but I’m talking about possibility.  Remember we were told to pray for this above all things.

Maybe it’s coming.

Enter the twilight zone.

The pillars Jachin and Boaz, the two towers, and the two witnesses are all connected.

Upon watching a documentary on the two pillars I came to the conclusion that the images of these seen through all media are part of an underlying current going back to ancient beginnings.  It could be representative of PI, of DNA, or of a sacred gateway.  Perhaps the winding kundalini.

All of the pillars seen through all generations act as an empowering meme.  It could be connected to the two towers, but ultimately I suspect it is empowering the coming two witnesses, or the hero twins of Mayan culture.


Hendaye cross and masonic symbols.

Several years back I was in a local new age store and saw a video, “Alchemic Secrets and the Hendaye Cross”. While I watched this I was blown away. The connections by Jay Weidner were astounding. I was totally floored. Not so much by the video, as by the fact I had recently seen the same symbols elsewhere. I had been in the Smithsonian a couple of months earlier and the minute I walked in and looked to the left I saw the angry sun and the trumpets on a giant headstone. It was from the Mormon temple in Navouu. Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob with masons in it.  He had put these symbols into his temple and had recently joined the masons.  Makes you wonder, Was he killed for revealing this secret?

Years ago on a Godlike thread Vincent Bridges and Sharon Rose came on it. Jay Weidner never openly came out, but I suspect he viewed it if his wife did. I asked them some questions, and they couldn’t answer. Since then I have watched the world unfold and seen this theory never disproved.

Since then I have seen they have put together more movies. I have seen Paul Laviollette keep popping up.

So I watch; which is all one can really do. To see this future unfold is not a reality I desire. But, who can help but watch.

Can the actions of the present change the reality of the past?

As a spiritual searcher I have noticed a new phenomenon. As my mind swims in the direction intent guides I find at the moment Iv´e thought there nothing more to find I see knowledge appear I thought not previously there. This brings up the question again of timelines. Can a collective wish change present reality? Anyone else hold knowledge of this sort.

Time is a strange unknowable thing. Or so it appears. In regards to technology of time where do we stand?
Retrocausality says this is possible.

Retrocausality, Time Travel, and Quantum Physics

March 14, 2007 – 4:52pm — bexIf that title didn’t bore the pants off of you, then the rest of this blog will!

The San Francisco Gate recently published an amazing article on retrocausality, which is the idea that things we do in the present go backwards in time to affect the past.

Naturally, many scientists think its silly to think you can go back in time: that would require something to go faster than the speed of light.

Plus, what about causality? Say I got my hair cut today. Then say I went back in time to yesterday to burn down my barber’s place (no offense Scott, its just an illustration). Would my hair instantly grow back?

In general, this debate is between Einstein and his General Relativity fans, and the Quantum Physics fans. The former say time travel and faster-than-light travel is impossible, because that leads to incredibly weird paradoxes and a breakdown of causality.

The Quantum Physics folks basically reply, “Boo hoo! We’ve been dealing with incredibly weird paradoxes and a breakdown of causality for a hundred years… AND we’ve invented the laser, the computer, and superconductivity. What do you got?”

As you may have guessed, I side with the latter camp…

I am glad to read about a fearless quantum physics geek who may actually be able to prove time travel on a small scale is possible.

Boring physics experiments aside, the article goes into detail about the possibility that there is nothing strange at all about retrocausality. Quite possibly, time travel happens every day in small ways, and we are just not aware of it.

My hero, Richard Feynman, famously noted that a positron behaves exactly like an electron traveling backwards in time. Others have expanded on his observation with very interesting results. Perhaps these particles even go back in time all the way to the big bang, to affect the fundamental nature of our universe!

Have others noticed the more we move to the belief in 2012 the more things are happening?  The more you focus the more ancient history information seems to be materializing.  The whole ancient aliens thing.

The poles are shifting. How is it affecting human interaction?

We know the poles are moving. The question becomes are we as physical beings effected by our world. Is this impacting the interactions of humanity? Are we becoming more or less polarized?  The world polarize has a connotation of it’s own.  In a world in which the earth is changing will our inner being shift in accord.

How intimately are we connected to mother earth?

Mass animal deaths may be the early symptoms of this encroaching electrical brain disruption caused by the magnetic pole shift.

Terrence Aym

Elephant going mad
(CHICAGO) – Scientific research suggests the Earth’s changing magnetic field may cause otherwise peaceful animals to become enraged killers banding together in voracious indiscriminate attacks and killing both terrified humans and each other.

Is solar activity and rising consciousness connected?

It makes sense as we are so intertwined.  So great change is neither human nor cosmically driven, it is indeed both.  When those who have sun gazed talk  of the experience they speak of a rising consciousness.  The mystics speak of the same;

A Blot on the Sun

Cayce saw sun spots, as well as earth changes as a reflection of our own state of consciousness, a result of our own actions, the boomerang of divine law. His readings offer simple metaphors to describe that eternal truth.

When asked about how sunspots affect the inhabitants of the earth, he said that the question should be reversed. Sunspots, he claimed, are reflection of the “turmoils and strifes” that we our selves have created, and our own mind is “the builder.” He asked us to think about what we have built:

As what does thy soul appear? A spot, a blot up the sun? Or as that which giveth light unto those who sit in darkness, to those who cry aloud for hope?13

Cayce said that the responsibility for earth changes lies squarely on our shoulders, and how we conduct our relationships with others has everything to do with the changing face of the earth:

Tendencies in the hearts and souls of men are such that these [earth changes] may be brought about….
As ye do it unto thy fellow man, ye do it unto thy God, to thyself.