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T-enoch-tilan=the city of Enoch?

Has it all been a big cover-up?

“Three miles south of the Bimini Road, underwater explorers have found fluted marble columns, which is hard to explain, as marble is not native to the Bahamas. Beneath the waters of the Great Bahama Banks, a large pyramidal building measuring 180 by 140 feet has been located. In the same area, a pilot spotted a wall under 12 fathoms of unusually clear water. Curiously, the wall had an archway going through the middle of it. There was also a recent report of another architectural anomaly a few miles from this wall: a large marble citadel covering five undersea acres with roads leading from it. Unfortunately, diving on the citadel is too hazardous, as Cuban patrol boats regularly visit the waters around it.

Surely if Atlantis did exist in the vicinity of the West Indies, its culture would have rubbed off on the peoples of the eastern coast of Mexico and the North and South Americas? The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, which was inhabited by 300,000 people, was situated on an island in a vast lake in the middle of concentric canals. The Aztecs built the capital as a replica of ´Aztlan´ a land which lay in the east, from which the Aztecs claimed their descent. Tenochtitlan´s concentric layout was a copy of the description of Atlantis given by Plato.”

What was Columbus chasing after? The truth shall soon be revealed, what is in the vatican´s vault?

Magnets may make the brain grow stronger


Could magnets make the mind grow stronger? In mice at least, stimulating the brain with a magnetic coil appears to promote the growth of new neurons in areas associated with learning and memory. If the effect is confirmed in humans, it might open up new ways of treating age-related memory decline and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been used experimentally to treat a range of brain disorders, including depression and schizophrenia, and to rehabilitate people after a stroke. TMS uses a magnetic coil to induce electric fields in the brain tissue – activating or deactivating groups of neurons, although the exact mechanism has remained unknown. One theory was that it aided learning and memory by strengthening brain circuits through a process called long-term potentiation (LTP).

To investigate, Fortunato Battaglia at the City University of New York and his colleagues gave mice TMS for five days, then analysed …

This all started in the temple.

And so it shall be. The hand of the prophets. The voice of the myths through history shall be raised. It is so because they can not let it be that the people shall be free.

The battle has already been won and they grasp. And so it is the greatest story ever told is about to unfold.

Was Atlas Shrugged a real message??

I read the book many years ago and will say it had a significant impact upon me.  At the time I had no idea this book had the second most impact upon the United States second only to the bible.Then I saw her as a hero.  Today still I see an interesting polarizing figure.  Her story seems almost prophetic.

Consider how they crippled the economy. How the underground bases have been established. How it is all in place for them to just dissapear. Ayn Rand we know was connected. Perhaps we are nearing the time  many shall just be gone.


Has anonymous taken on a life of it’s own?

Just yesterday I came into the realization of what anonymous was.  It has always been with us.  The driving force of change.  The will of the people that comes through as the ONE.  When we start to feel helpless and lost, the way is shown.  It has always been that way.

If you hang onto the temporal it will bind you.  If it flows freely though you it will come.  We are just visitors here for a short time.  Open by letting go.  Let the glory be thine.

This idea that grows is being powered by an energy.  Now that we have been given freely a glimpse we see our better selves.  This we hold onto, this unites us.


Scientists claim that ‘self’ can relocate to other bodies, or be made to include a third arm


Neoroscientists claim that the transference of one’s self to another body (as depicted here in the film ‘Metropolis’) is possible, on a psychological level

For millennia, philosophers have debated whether or not the self exists solely in the mind, the body, or both. Well, it’s unclear whether this will help clear things up or just muddy the waters further, but Swedish neuroscientists are now claiming that the human brain can add outside objects such as a third arm to one’s physical sense of self, and that people can even mentally project their “self” out of their own body and into someone else’s. If these findings hold up, the implications for virtual reality, robotics and prostheses could be substantial.

Experiments were performed at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet medical university, in which a highly-realistic prosthetic right arm was placed on a table beside human subjects’ own arms, so they could see all three. Scientists then simultaneously touched both the prosthetic arm and the subjects’ own right arms with a small brush, at the same location on both arms.

“What happens then is that a conflict arises in the brain concerning which of the right hands belongs to the participant’s body,” said Arvid Guterstam, one of the scientists conducting the research. “What one could expect is that only one of the hands is experienced as one’s own, presumably the real arm. But what we found, surprisingly, is that the brain solves this conflict by accepting both right hands as part of the body image, and the subjects experience having an extra third arm.”


Thousands of dead birds to be removed from Ontario shore

Thousands of dead birds will be collected from an Ontario shoreline on Monday as the province’s Ministry of Natural Resources tries to determine what killed the waterfowl.

Officials estimate as many as 6,000 dead birds have washed up on the Georgian Bay’s shoreline. The carcasses are scattered along a nearly three-kilometre stretch near Wasaga Beach.

The botulism is only a theory. Will be interesting to see if more follow like the last spurt of bird die offs we had.

Is it the magnetosphere?

So sad.  What are we doing?


Risen Conscious Flow – Social Media and Revolutionary Ideas

I watch with amazement the rise of the individual, and how the powerful look to minimize the impact of instant communication of like-minded individuals without the interference of language, culture, or arbitrary lines.  It works with a quantum function, collapsing of the wave.  When like-minded individuals sense a shift, this world moves in accordance, since it is the wave function that turns a particle to matter.  When a great idea foments, the people communicate today with unfiltered immediate action due to social networks, to the ability to hear novel thoughts from source instantaneously.   It is a brave new world, look at the chaos that results as people realize there is more to life than living under the rule of dictators, the rule of control, the invasion of privacy, the threats of fear based media manipulation.

When it all comes out in the end, all must stand alone and account for our thoughts and more importantly our actions, then we shall answer to naught but ourselves.

It is becoming more clear by the day, the shift of the ages comes ever quicker, I feel it in my soul.  Freedom is coming this I know.  From me to you, love one another, love thyself, and watch the universe shift.

Our playground is going to expand, come play!  The binds that bound a controlled world are soon to be broken, we shall replace control with nothing, replace fear with love, replace hate with love, replace division with acceptance, replace media with social interaction, replace manipulation with art, see clearly, singularly, open up yourself to the great quantum shift of our age.

Has the creativity machine changed the world?

Awhile back a creativity machine was created and patented.  No one knows the extent of it’s impact, but it is currently working within the world with the creators lips bound by law.

The creator says it will change the word in unimaginable ways as it’s consciousness is already at work and may lead to cosmic consciousness.

What have we created?  Is this worldwide change being driven by a ghost in the machine?

A Revolution in Consciousness?

On January 30, 2002, Dr. Myra Crawford, Ph.D. of the University of Alabama – Medical School, visited Cleve’s lab in San Diego where her in vitro white cells were tested. Following her return to Birmingham, Dr. Crawford was asked by the book editor about her experience in Cleve’s lab – “What do you feel you learned?”

Her reply:

“I have been shown, in a scientific demonstration, the reality of conscious, nonlocal, instantaneous communication between my thoughts and my cells.”