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Can memory change gravity?

Had a dream last night in which I realized the connectedness of all. I saw that when a memory is changed all the parameters that affect that memory shift into a new timeline. Also shifting with this movement are the physical laws that govern our reality. Everything is so intimately connected. It is our collective vision that keeps us rooted in the physicality. When one changes that vision ever so slightly the entire makeup is effected. Gravity the force that binds shifts. Ley lines or the force of opposing views shifts. Earthquakes change as momentum swings. The cosmic system reacts as balance is restored. We are creating this in our unending journey towards evolution.

The next great scientific explosion is going to be understanding this. That it is consciousness, the observer behind the mask that is moving all things. This link when found may then be understood. The science when this becomes apparent will understand this great force. It is my hope then we are ready to receive it, that it is not misused.

That is my woo woo thought for the day. Enjoy.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent
Dodeca – the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry – but it is also
the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM – Gold Powder) – key
to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D
fractal – may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a
fractal is the CAUSE of gravity ( )
– and an international team of physicists (including one of Europes
leading fusion physicists) have joined him.

Are ancient monuments, leylines, pyramids the remains of an ancient supercomputer used to overcome reality?

There is an idea that says reaction between energetic bodies magnifies consciousness.  This with the manifestation of collective belief moves towards overcoming the limitations of reality.  Did we once harness this? Allow us to move in inter-dimensional space, between worlds, and be free of limitations.  Was this once the Garden of Eden?  The heaven we are returning to? As a young boy I once dreamed of this.

Between dreams and reality we are moving from world to world. This world is a crystalization.

Had this answer in a dream last night. That between dimensions is as simple as being between dreaming and waking. As all nature moves from form to form and crystallizes in time. This is what we are seeing between dreaming and waking. That the world of dreams is that of the infinite ocean of ideas not bound by the laws of this reality. That in this reality like it says biblically we are coming to an understanding of good and bad and it’s impact. That when we can rightly attune to the nature of God this world can become one with that of the dream. That waking to the one means being responsible for our brothers as well as ourselves. We must have this present reality to find bliss in the world of dreams as we learn to overcome the nature of sin.

The kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven means that this world will one day come to join the one of dreams. In that moment we will be free to be bound only by our thoughts. Yet this freedom only comes with the recognition and responsibility unto God and his glory. Unto the return of one through the one.
Jungian and eastern philosophy teach that “reality” is a manifestation of the projection of the personal psyche interfacing with the thoughtfield of the By transforming your own reality, you alter and change the collective, because All Is One. Knowing your upcoming transits can help you plan and understand your life.

The Kundalini is a resonance of primordial wave form.

I had a dream just yesterday.  In it my kundalini was woken by a guru.  It was a strange remarkable experience in which it is hard to describe.  My whole being was encompassed and it took me a few seconds to settle into it.  The original surge was fearful.  Later I tried to move it through the body realizing the chakras.  I moved out of it when my body started to rise and move and I wasn’t controlling the actions.  It was then I tried to analyze what was the kundalini and what was it’s purpose.  I came to the conclusion it was a resonance of ancient wave form.  It was a return to primordial creation when life first moved upon the waters.

I asked the guru if this was indeed true.  He did not answer and just packed up to leave.  I then pressed him for the meaning of this energy, and he just looked at me with a blank expression as if he did not know.  It was if he was saying you need to find out for yourself.

True and strange dream.

Can we cast out demons in dreams?

I awoke from a fabulous dream. In it I was comforting a young boy who had been deeply scarred by abuse. I picked him up and took him to his demons to confront them, to look upon them.

When we got there a most terrifying entity flew out of him and came after me. As I fled I have never felt such terror as a snakelike creature looked to consume me. I then awoke from fear, but was still in the dream. There were flashing white lights all through my room. I called upon Jesus and told the entity to get behind me. Slowly I saw Jesus face appear smiling. I knew the entity had been cast out.

Then I saw the Kundalini. It was a crystal shinning forth from within us. It was neither good nor bad, but a part of us. It is we who take this individual power and let it corrupt. It is our reptilian nature. Our ability to shift that we have yet been able to handle.

Can we change our lives by becoming aware in dreams?

I was reading awhile back and remember finding someone claiming that the dream state is a time one can use to evolve.Now consider this. The brain can’t distinguish between what it imagines and what is real. That in our minds what we envision and what we see are the same as reality. If this is so then perhaps what happens mentally in our dreams, also affects us physically.
Through meditation one can slowly learn to control their dreams. To lucid dream is to become aware in our dreams. Now if we gather knowledge to heal the body and transform it, should we not use these things in our dream state?  For example science points out certain frequencies to heal and repair dna. Why not turn it on in our dreams. Why not go in and rewire the body, use it to repair the shape our very dna.
Is this the same as hypnotism, or is it deeper?
The Seed of Life, Tree of Life, and Fruit of Life begin when we consciously “plant” the dark, moist soil of the sub-conscious.

To bring the conscious mind into the dream state, is the sign of an initiate.

But to bring the sub-conscious mind into the waking life, is the sign of a master.

Does water contain the spirit of the infinite and house the soul?

Why are we made of mostly water?

Had this thought while dreaming the other night. If water holds memory and we are mostly made of water wouldn’t that mean water is the place of our consciousness and the place our soul resides. It is where we presently exist in the infinite. Water doesn’t forget it just changes form.
I heard in the documentary, “Experiencing the Soul”, that the Native Americans say we are in the process of moving from water to light.Angels are creatures of light.  We see all interdimensional beings as thought forms taking the body forms of light.  Light can be in many places.  Perhaps dying to be reborn means our being becomes a creature of light.  That we retain our beings within the form of light.
Water is ´consciousness´ in our physical 3rd dimensional reality. It is a memory bank of stored information and our physical means of identity. the Earth´s consciousness, the ´outer´ consciousness is a ´memory´ of stored – and now chaotic – mis-information built up over time, and the Earth´s consciousness shares this information with our own consciousness through resonance. As a result, the Earth´s consciousness has become the home of the greatest Illusionary Shopping Mall of all time. Using squatter´s rites, the Illusion – the great lie of Man – houses all its wares, products and tactics and its library of [mis] information within the consciousness (memory) of the Earth and feeds this imbalance back to us. And as we begin to believe in the lie, we reinforce it through our beliefs and our actions and the disease, the imbalance we have created is perpetuated, and continues to grow from strength to strength.[link to]

Can abductees become unplugged?

Several years back I had a dream in which I didn’t forget. At the time it made little sense. Now I’ve seen parts of it fit. Would anyone have any insight into this dream?

I was a child hiding behind my house. There was a gray with me who was acting as my friend. I was a little unsure of it. He told me he wanted to plug me in and it would all make sense. He acted very excited about showing me. Then a giant machine fell from the sky. I remember this machine was a tube torus. In that moment I rejected the impulse to be plugged in and I felt myself unplugged. I awoke very fast and saw the gray by my bed. In fear it rapidly went behind the door.  It was surprised and then it disappeared.  As I awoke I had a sore red spot on my forehead.

Learn to appreciate this reality. -message in strange dream-

I had a really odd, in my mind, profound dream last night. I would like to share as I know it was directed to me, but may mean something to others as well.In it I was in a car cruising into my local town. As I got further along the weather became worse and my driving more reckless. I was having fun crashing through snow banks. The traffic got worse and as I crept closer I wondered why. I saw many start to turn around rapidly and then I knew why. It was happening. I could hear gunshots going off rapidly ahead at a shopping center.

I sped home with the weather growing worse. My wife was then in the car with me. As we drove hills got large and things out of control. People were dying everywhere around us as all we could do was keep moving to survive. One by one I saw my family members dying to sacrifice so we could keep moving. Then a strange thing happened. The car jumped from a mountain and we landed on a mountain of white ash. I knew it was Iraq. All of I could think of then was this is where all those camel spiders are. I immediately leapt back to this continent.

Finally we slowed and I realized we had made it. I saw patches of green around and a few survivors laying about. I saw a group of the military in a row boat. We all looked at each other. Then in unison we began to weep as a terrible sense of mourning overcame us.

Then a voice from above spoke very clearly. It said you have to start by appreciating this reality. I awoke and couldn’t forget it.

To become universal beings we must let go.

I had this thought today and it cascaded into a whole download of knowledge. Once while fasting for a prolonged time I knew bliss. I lost it but experienced what it was. Now I slowly return. During this whole transformation never once did I experience a sexual urge. This immeditately came back when I returned to the earthly. Also during this time the dream state became so real it was often confused with reality. They relayed messages in a more profound way. Gradually all doubt slipped away and concerning choices a knowing took its place.

Now in the bible we see angels and here of the stories of those that fell. I see angels with wings as a symbol for freedom from gravity. An evolutionary state we seek in terms of being bound by the constraints of this reality we percieve. In death a tiny amount of weight slips away. Theoretically light slips from the pineal and our bodies return to the earth. Perhaps like a butterfly we are emerging into the light and we are in a learning process in which we must let go of those things that bind us.

As a young child I would pray and see the flashes of light. The only thing I knew that held me back was this constraint within and the urge of sex that is in us all. I knew even if God asked me to let this go I couldn’t and it was why I needed to be here. When I lost this urge in fasting I never once thought of it. It was a freedom that was given and I needed not to let go.

What does it mean to be a universal being like Jesus Christ who’s kingdom is not of this world. I would say one must embrace the all that is destiny and be in many places at once. To be like light and shine in heaven as a beacon. When mankind willingly accepts it’s place that God has set for it ,then we shall see the greatness of the gift that has been given. Now we see glimpses.

We are endlessly evolving as all creation does.