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Breaking the Apocolyptic Wave

In wave┬┤s resides the movement of all matter and all sound, light, and just about everything.

My theory states here from the Russian DNA study shows how we affect our DNA with our very thoughts, and our thoughts create waves. In the luminous body we reap what we sow since we reside within the torus, therefore our apocalyptic meanderings within our psyche is building the manifesting wave within this time and space due to collective thoughts. what you throw out of your mind is superlooping around and BANG, right back atcha, well it need not be.Thoughts of positive waves rippling in the aether bounce and build and strike the massive apocolyptic wave and it is my fervent hope we break that sucka!

Later………all the mystical master of the past and present thought not of destruction but of beauty, so to should we.


Have you ever felt like you could read someones mind.

I once fasted for 24 days and when I returned to food a remarkable change occurred. I found that when I looked at people on the street that each individual with their body language was giving off a message. The thoughts came into my head and I wonder if I was hearing what they were thinking. Most I saw turmoil from daily life situation and I did all I could. I sent them blessings.

Now growing in understanding I have begun to wonder of human potential. According to wave theory all point emanate from the center and vibrate spreading ripples like an ocean. Now in a scientific study they have been able to train humans with an electrical cap that reads brain waves how to move a mouse on a computer screen how with thought. Now with the resonance of these brain waves travelling through space perhaps all that is needed to read them is a receptor. Much the same way a radio picks up transmission.

Now I wonder as all humans are different. Some psychic, some telepathic, etc. Perhaps they have a built-in ability to read and translate these waves.

There was a study done in South America that showed those with psychic ability had a higher number of crystals in the pineal gland then the average person.

Perhaps we all have this ability and are minds cluttered. The cleansing of fasting may purify the system and open this ability.

Ever felt a vibe from someone. Perhaps that vibe is more than a feeling and is indeed a process of communication of the body yet known. Perhaps your thoughts do matter.

Does the “Myth” create reality? Is it alive in infinite space?

I love to listen to Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung talk. their understanding of myth, IMO goes beyond what we commonly term a metaphor. Now many cultures have their myths as many of these myths cross time and space. We see now the past, present, and future as one connecting to the other. Myths or metaphors are timeless ways of connecting us to our present situations. In fact they often present a way out.
Now where do these collective methaphors originate from? Is it the place of spirit where matter is created? Is it the collective thought that forms our reality? Is it thought is the place unbound by time and space where matter is first borne? I like to think of it as a great ocean. In this ocean of the timeless like minded ideas are bound. They collectively form a wave. Enough strength and that wave crest breaking into matter.
Now take the Christ for example. Told by many peoples in all time. Yet it was manifested in the meridian of time. Perhaps thoughts never die. They go on in the place we came from.