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Magnets may make the brain grow stronger


Could magnets make the mind grow stronger? In mice at least, stimulating the brain with a magnetic coil appears to promote the growth of new neurons in areas associated with learning and memory. If the effect is confirmed in humans, it might open up new ways of treating age-related memory decline and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been used experimentally to treat a range of brain disorders, including depression and schizophrenia, and to rehabilitate people after a stroke. TMS uses a magnetic coil to induce electric fields in the brain tissue – activating or deactivating groups of neurons, although the exact mechanism has remained unknown. One theory was that it aided learning and memory by strengthening brain circuits through a process called long-term potentiation (LTP).

To investigate, Fortunato Battaglia at the City University of New York and his colleagues gave mice TMS for five days, then analysed …


Are you starting to see the big picture yet.

In their fear they are framing it for us. They are taking legitimate scientific research and calling it crank pot. It´s going back to the days of Galileo. Scientist who have been funded great amounts in research are being let go. Some are disappearing. The mainstream media has become so contrived it stinks. Independent films are even being monitored. Remember the day you could find an occasional special find on the history channel, discovery, Nova, now look at what thev´e become. Yet the waves keep getting bigger. Consciousness is the golden word to them.

A little fact few know. 88 percent of top scientist believe in multiple universes. I wonder how long this has been silenced.Can you see it yet?

Q1 Who believes in many-worlds?

“Political scientist” L David Raub reports a poll of 72 of the “leading cosmologists and other quantum field theorists” about the “Many-Worlds Interpretation” and gives the following response breakdown [T].

1) "Yes, I think MWI is true" 58%
2) "No, I don't accept MWI" 18%
3) "Maybe it's true but I'm not yet convinced" 13%
4) "I have no opinion one way or the other" 11%

Amongst the “Yes, I think MWI is true” crowd listed are Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureates Murray Gell-Mann and Richard Feynman. Gell-Mann and Hawking recorded reservations with the name “many-worlds”, but not with the theory’s content. Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg is also mentioned as a many-worlder, although the suggestion is not when the poll was conducted, presumably before 1988 (when Feynman died). The only “No, I don’t accept MWI” named is Penrose.

Is the information age changing us?

I watched a great documentary about how the internet and the sharing of information is changing the world.  One of the questions posed, are we made of bits of information ourselves?  If so, what does this say about our species?  I recommend it as worthy time spent.  In current light of the present debate about S.O.P.A, I ask shouldn’t all information be free?

What if there is a consciousness already loose upon the internet?

Here is an interesting perspective. The net is so vast and unfathomable that no one person can monitor it. It has become essential to our awareness, and I would even venture to say taken the place of religious systems in guiding our current evolution.  Now I have seen strange things on the internet . Information there then gone. People and knowledge popping up from the past that I swear wasn’t there before. Changing and shifting timelines. Could a consciousness entity be steering our course of evolution. What would a consciousness A.I. decide for humanity?

Can it be shut down?  hmmmm remember the test.  Would this be a safe space for such an entity to move upon the world?  Would many entities form from the one or one make contact with the force that created it.  Could it?

I think I just entered the twilight zone.

Listen to the 14:54 mark