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Parallel Lines must Merge

It seems to me that two lines of consciousness are at odds.  One of the political/doomsday line of destructive reasoning stating that mankind is fallen and sinful and not capable, and the second line that seeks to raise up the vibrations of humanity through knowledge and sharing, compassion and holism.

They mirror each other and move independent, they are both conscious and active, it is not negative and positive because both exist in both lines, it is more deceptive than that, it is not the whole vs. the one it is more deceptive than that.To me see through the pattern to a culmination and decisive point, a zero point of a place within the vortex that these lines must come together and out of that point explodes many lines, many worlds and the choices you are making today will become your tomorrow, literally.

It is a line of the whole of humanity running through the political threads, the bloke type threads, and the threads that attack all things vs. the threads of love, threads of peace, threads of vibration/science/noosphere/sacred geometry, the ones where minds are attempting to rise and vibrate on a higher level of existence, seeking to find out the purpose vs. the ones that seek only to delude us into a fascination with destruction and fear.

We are on the cusp of greatness


thy will be done.


Is bliss possible?

I believe I have known it in brief moments; heaven on earth. In the eyes of a child you will find it . Once also I went into the woods at night to pray. With faith I dared myself on and conquered fear. What I found was the next day a cetain unexplanable euphoria. A freedom so to say for a day from all manner of evil. I saw it as a natural state yet it faded away.

Later I travelled cross country and fasted for 24 days. Again this state came over me and lasted for about a month. What I found was an increased energy, an ability to read people, greater access to the dream world, but above all I would say joy. Yet I lost it again.

Has anyone else ever found bliss? Could it be we aren´t even close to existing in our greatest form?


Love me, and I’ll love you.

Hold me, and I’ll hold you.

Hate me, and I’ll say I don’t hate you.

Am I listening?

I can’t see the fact I’m doing as you would do.

I hate to say it, but you don’t have to say I love you for me to hold you.

Hate me and I’ll love you.


I have gained knowledge, but become lonely.

I have loved and lost.

I have stood for fairness and seen it defiled.

My heart feels damaged.

Yet Christ remains.

A shinning beacon whenever I fall.

A love I can not comprehend.

Lord help me to run to you.

First Love

What I once believed,

is ever a dream, or ever it was

or so it may seem.

I dream of touching you ever so soft,

as my memories are becoming lost.

How can one dream of what one does not believe?

A life of pity for wiping clean the past.

Your eyes are whole, they tell the truth.

How can one believe when one does not believe in thine self?

Now you remain a mystery as life becomes history.

The dream goes on.


A Moment

I saw you in your silky eloquence,

floating upon the air in a moment of harmony.

To hold this moment I would pray.

In a time I never felt piece you help me tight.

To understand the mysteries of love no longer mattered.

For you prayed upon my sight,

and all my insecurities shattered.

To be closer to oneness I would grow.

Learning to love you taught me to know.

The Kiss

Heartless bodies floating on an endless cloud.

Through time eternity a glistening kiss.

Alone we float through choices,

nearer and nearer without end.

The abyss for a glimpse of choice.

perfection never found.

I Love You!

It’s a gentle whisper that carries in the wind,

With a creeping rhythm beating like a drum.

Sometimes it seeps in to tickle the soul.

I love you, I love you, she said.







Practicing namaste.

Find your bliss.  -Joseph Campbell-

Least we not forget the beauty that is this word.  Let us make it a better place.

What is your bliss?