Two brothers one goal!!

Do you dare to tune into the sacred?

I was just watching the movie, Seven Years in Tibet. I came to the realization that these people made a whole way of life of attempting to tune into the vibration of the most sacred. That they believe the spirit of the Dali Lama, or the Buddha never leaves this plane of existence.

Now in the West we are taught early as christians that all this is of the devil. That we should not pay attention to any of this as they are being manipulated. Who really is being manipulated? Think about it. We are told the prophets have all come and all is complete. Now all we must do is wait for the second coming and the end bringing destruction. God how I feel for the multitudes of the misled.

Now Jesus Christ is my saviour. But his spirit flows through all today and is calling. It´s time we come together and all learn to tune into the divine. Perhaps we need spread the message and break the mold.


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