Two brothers one goal!!

Start being the impetus that moves the world.

It is simple if you follow the concepts of the 100th monkey. If one person changes an entire group will do so in synchronicity across the globe. This change we think comes from within us. Think carefully, If God moves in synchronistic fashion like this then we are but vessels. So release all you know and be free from fear.   So those who feel the spirit longing to move through you, release it. It is not yours to keep. Many are called, be one of the chosen. Once we learn God in this fashion protects us from fear and that it is about more than yourself then we shall see movement.

It has already begun and we can bring more in a timely safe fashion by opening. Combat the energies that would destroy this world by learning to love the one you are presently in. All you lurkers and watchers out there become active participants in shaping heaven on earth. All we need do is ask.

One person who dares stand can change the course of the world. An entire body can change reality.

Break on through to the other side.


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