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Do not be misled by fundamentalist religion, for God is universal.

Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed from the mouth of God. Revelation is the rock of the church. You need spiritual food, so start feeding yourself. Read all good books.

Change your musical selection and resonate. It helps to put oneself in a plane of higher frequency. Listen to classical, and new age music. Try study entrainment.Meditation on kundalini will open astral planes. Only you must first realize the dream world and psychic world is the real world, and this one transient. Now pay attention to dreams and learn to control them. Then you will slowly start to enter higher states of consciousness. Then you will start to awaken and see the true nature of reality.

This wave will not be stopped for can stop the ocean from moving. God has come in many forms in many times. No one has a monopoly on God.

For no one shall add to this book. Would God put a curse on someone who is looking for truth. NO! The truth of the matter is that book was written separate from the bible. The truth of the matter is God would never put such a curse on people who seek his face.

Fundamentalism is an evil scourge on those who put themselves in a place of righteousness. Those who cast judgement on a world around them and name it of God. They in fact put themselves in place of God. This is the sin of the pharisees.