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There is a NEW AGE in christianty coming!

For much of my life I have been a Christian and often been repulsed that some so fervently will tell me this and that is of the devil. Now I will often go to service and see in some congregations the preacher on a throne telling us the way things should be. I have grown tired of this but never tired of Jesus. In my soul and deep in my heart I asked for more. For this wellspring to simply help me feel like a full human.

Now we have seen many evils come out of the misuse of christianity. Most presently the abuse of children. Congregations will tell you the people are leaving. Why is this happening? I say because Jesus Christ never intended his word to be used as a means of control.

Where have these people gone? I say everywhere as they search for the real meaning. Biblical passages are changed, books removed from the bible by those who gave us the inquisition. Why do we need a vatican vault anyhow? The knowledge should be for everyone. These people are lurking, they are moving. The world is changing because Christ will return and real christians want to know.

What path will he use? A path that is open and free from fear. A path where people can judge for themselves. A place where ideas are heard and love abounds.

Revelation is here.