Two brothers one goal!!

Pluck something from a new stream of consciousness. Tap into the ether.

Turn yourself inward and open. Become a better listener of God.  Streams of potentiality run through this dimension. We just need listen better. Once this has been opened than those who see it can define it´s peramaters. Then the laws of a new take shape and infiltrate this dimension. The creator awaits those to speak, and offer up a higher place. It is about a return, or a remembering. As soon as we listen better, and talk louder the new paradigm will flesh itself out.

Are you game to tapping into streams of consciousness.

One response

  1. christopher h wagner

    Id like to reach my human spiritual concious and unlock my potential ! ….. and be what the universe has already instilled in me! …

    July 28, 2015 at 2:14 am

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