Two brothers one goal!!

Take of your shoes for this is holy ground.

I just went for a walk in the long dormant sun and had some insight. When one walks barefoot the earth comes into you. We absorb it´s being with realization. Now consider what happened to Moses. He was told to take of his shoes for this was holy ground. Is not all ground under God holy? Perhaps Moses was being urged to walk in faith and oneness with the earth. He was commanded to go barefoot. Second he saw a tree surrounded by fire but not consumed. Now perhaps he saw the energy behind all creation. The emanation of light that all life brings. And lastly I am that I am. Combine that with ye are Gods and it too can flow from you.

Set my people free is the cry of the ages.

Now I once had a dream in which I know the Mayans understood the secrets behind sunlight and rocks. Consider a black hole and a star. Both are singularities mimicking in the macro all life action. Now take away time and space and they are one in the same. What really is direction?

Consider the recent solar and cosmic activity changing things. Now consider the sun flowing not just from the source but in unison with humanity. Perhaps it is our movement within the consciousness that the sun is reflecting. It is our calling to the stars.


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