Two brothers one goal!!

I want to color the world with the sound of God.

How does one find their sacred space?

To paint a tree you must become the tree.  Get into the pattern that creates the forest and replicate.

Art is meditation on the divine.  I’ve noticed recently that in order to create I must tune in.  Music helps, but it needs be at a vibrational level that allows one to let go.  When I try to create as an artist I become filled with this incredible feeling of trepidation, unless I can find a way to not think.  In letting go I’m free and soar for a moment.  It is meditation.  I feel as if we are so clouded and polluted with this present reality that to seek to tune with a divine rhythm becomes the only escape.  Do we all seek to be pure, to be free?  How do we overcome this world that pulls us down?


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