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Archive for March 11, 2012

I want to color the world with the sound of God.

How does one find their sacred space?

To paint a tree you must become the tree.  Get into the pattern that creates the forest and replicate.

Art is meditation on the divine.  I’ve noticed recently that in order to create I must tune in.  Music helps, but it needs be at a vibrational level that allows one to let go.  When I try to create as an artist I become filled with this incredible feeling of trepidation, unless I can find a way to not think.  In letting go I’m free and soar for a moment.  It is meditation.  I feel as if we are so clouded and polluted with this present reality that to seek to tune with a divine rhythm becomes the only escape.  Do we all seek to be pure, to be free?  How do we overcome this world that pulls us down?

Are the portals spoken of symbols of massive deaths.

Perhaps the portals that are spoken of are a representation of death. Death is but a door to another world. Many coming at once would signify a openinng in the world of spirit for a great influx. Perhaps now we are making this decisions of what shall happen. The shinning ones may indeed be those of us who are awakening and embracing a transformation. In dire times one would have to walk the walk to overcome. To look to the sun and know the ways of the mystic. Perhaps those shinning ones are an aspect of ourselves that is coming when all things align. The coming of our cosmic self embracing our earth-bound one. Maybe so many are considering presently there definition of reality because of a great event that may cause us to enter into it. Could we now be choosing if we will stay or go. We will embrace truth or move to the place we need in order to transition?

Could it be the vortex people speak of are created by such events. As such mass-energy is transcended it leaves a ripple upon this reality. Like the transfiguration.

Just some random thoughts perhaps in bird language.