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Moving Matter By Sound/Cymatics”Moving Matter by Sound

A technique similar to this was demonstrated around 1800 by a German acoustical physicist called Ernst Chladni who demonstrated that rubbing a violin bow vertically up and down the edge of a round metal plate onto which he had sprinkled some sand, created strange circular patterns as the sand vibrated to the tones created by the bow.

Chladni┬┤s pioneering work, which demonstrated that sound could move matter, took nearly 100 years before it was re-discovered by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny who devoted his life to this new science he called “cymatics”.

It is my belief that the huge stones forming ancient stone circles such as Stonehenge and Avebury could possibly have been moved their vast distances by using a form of cymatics. A similar event was witnessed by a Dr Jarl, an Oxford University student, in Tibet in 1939 when he photographed Tibetan monks levitating a five ton stone slab purely by the tones of 19 musical instruments. Further research into these ideas will form future articles.”

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The Keys to Consciousness

I also believe that the timing of the events is not down to chance either. I believe that there are five significant aspects within the cosmic jigsaw. I have called these the five keys to consciousness. They are;

1. Harmonics (sound)
2. Colour (light)
3. Location (sacred sites)
4. Shape (form)
5. Frequency (time)