Two brothers one goal!!

Zion or Shamballa is a physical change and not a place. New Jerusalem is within.

People keep looking for the Shambala of the east or the New Jerusalem of the west but find it ever so illusive. I think we are starting to see that by stepping closer we are indeed transformed. It is my theory that chaining away the beast is symbolic of shedding an unnatural part of our nature. Like a snake shedding it´s skin or a butterfly emerging from it´s cocoon. It’s a part of nature. What often dishearten me is I see our media trying to infect our consciousness with the ideas that reaching nirvana is a fantasy and any changes ongoing are attempt by evil entities. Just look at the two new series Threshold and Invasion. It´s all fear based. As we move through realities circle upon circle in synchronic fashion we need to embrace the eternal that is longing for our return. Who were we to think that if we called out the cosmos wouldn´t hear?

Revelations was and always is right within us when we are ready.

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