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Anyone experience memory slippage?

Twice recently I have had this experience. It has made me further consider changing and intersecting timelines.

Last night while just before sleep I was remembering a recent movie about two women and the massive impact it had on socieity. Then in an instant I lost the memory I tried to remember it and it was like that tip of the toungue phenomenon. Now I can also remember this happening a short while ago. Funny thing I felt the memory wasn´t lost it is just gone.

What caues this tip of the the toungue phenomenon? What of displaced memories? Is it in connection with deja vu? Is the veil slipping? hmmmmm

Anyone else experience this memory and time thing?

Could it be we are floating upon rivers of time?

What Is the Time River Theory?

It’s about the discovery of an astounding system of literal ‘rivers of time’, which may even be described as the ‘fingerprints of the gods’. It is a planetary ‘Rosetta Stone’ for decoding history or even ‘reality’ itself. Sounds overly grandiose? Yes, but it’s not necessarily an exaggeration given the nature of the discovery.

Proving the existence of the ‘Time Rivers’ has explosive implications. And the claim here is that this has indeed been done. But that’s just the beginning of the story. What the ‘Time Rivers’ tell us – about who we are and everything else – is equally, if not more, profound.

The Time River Theory (TRT) is ultimately about the discovery and decoding of the ‘blueprint’ of reality – a blueprint that was literally carved on this planet by an unknown high intelligence. This is a brand new field just activated in 2003 via the publication of The Time Rivers. It’s about time we opened up the Gateway… to a new dimension.