Two brothers one goal!!

Where are attention lies there lies the coming reality.

In contemplating meditation, thought, and focus one can begin to see the true meaning of the law of one. We have seen science tell us our thoughts change things and create reality. The Princeton global consciousness project is showing us human thought is entering new levels of coherence. Yet we can not pin point what this coherence means in terms of manifestation. Now perhaps looking on an individual level one can begin to see how the global collective works. When one manifests they focus with intent. They then must let that thought go in order for it return. It is like a feedback loop. Let it go or be in balance and it returns to you after it has visited the collective. You see everything is part of a cycle. Now collectively when thought is focused on one dominate paradigm the randomness lessens as will is self organizing. This is like all of nature. The Fibonacci. Once we let go of this thought it then manifest somehow in reality. That is why we never see it coming.

Now what is causing new levels of coherence? I say a shrinking of the collective from fear and mind controlling factors. It is new levels of awareness being released. It is the law of one slowly becoming known. Will we be able to responsibly focus on a positive,or is that why all prophecies are presently slowly unfolding?

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