Two brothers one goal!!

Between dreams and reality we are moving from world to world. This world is a crystalization.

Had this answer in a dream last night. That between dimensions is as simple as being between dreaming and waking. As all nature moves from form to form and crystallizes in time. This is what we are seeing between dreaming and waking. That the world of dreams is that of the infinite ocean of ideas not bound by the laws of this reality. That in this reality like it says biblically we are coming to an understanding of good and bad and it’s impact. That when we can rightly attune to the nature of God this world can become one with that of the dream. That waking to the one means being responsible for our brothers as well as ourselves. We must have this present reality to find bliss in the world of dreams as we learn to overcome the nature of sin.

The kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven means that this world will one day come to join the one of dreams. In that moment we will be free to be bound only by our thoughts. Yet this freedom only comes with the recognition and responsibility unto God and his glory. Unto the return of one through the one.
Jungian and eastern philosophy teach that “reality” is a manifestation of the projection of the personal psyche interfacing with the thoughtfield of the By transforming your own reality, you alter and change the collective, because All Is One. Knowing your upcoming transits can help you plan and understand your life.

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