Two brothers one goal!!

How does one embrace the higher self?

There is the “You” that is being written in the ether. Your greatest dreams of potential that go out into the infinite cosmos. Then there is the “You”, that is in the 3rd dimension bound by laws that unfolds at a pace where we learn choice and consequence in relation to others. Now the more one embraces the path that “God”, has set. The more we see the higher self descend upon our very being. Yet in this reality there is so much connected to consistent right action that this path is like biblically stated very narrow. I personally have grown to love this life, to want to glory in the daily experience that is living. To revel in the gifts we have given. Yet I dream of a bigger picture. I know many do as that higher self descends and the embrace begins.

The more I dream, the more I embrace, the clearer the picture comes.  Yet I balk at my dreams and remain still in this moment, content yet hungry. Have others come to this world between?


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