Two brothers one goal!!

The Kundalini is a resonance of primordial wave form.

I had a dream just yesterday.  In it my kundalini was woken by a guru.  It was a strange remarkable experience in which it is hard to describe.  My whole being was encompassed and it took me a few seconds to settle into it.  The original surge was fearful.  Later I tried to move it through the body realizing the chakras.  I moved out of it when my body started to rise and move and I wasn’t controlling the actions.  It was then I tried to analyze what was the kundalini and what was it’s purpose.  I came to the conclusion it was a resonance of ancient wave form.  It was a return to primordial creation when life first moved upon the waters.

I asked the guru if this was indeed true.  He did not answer and just packed up to leave.  I then pressed him for the meaning of this energy, and he just looked at me with a blank expression as if he did not know.  It was if he was saying you need to find out for yourself.

True and strange dream.


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