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Where are attention lies there lies the coming reality.

In contemplating meditation, thought, and focus one can begin to see the true meaning of the law of one. We have seen science tell us our thoughts change things and create reality. The Princeton global consciousness project is showing us human thought is entering new levels of coherence. Yet we can not pin point what this coherence means in terms of manifestation. Now perhaps looking on an individual level one can begin to see how the global collective works. When one manifests they focus with intent. They then must let that thought go in order for it return. It is like a feedback loop. Let it go or be in balance and it returns to you after it has visited the collective. You see everything is part of a cycle. Now collectively when thought is focused on one dominate paradigm the randomness lessens as will is self organizing. This is like all of nature. The Fibonacci. Once we let go of this thought it then manifest somehow in reality. That is why we never see it coming.

Now what is causing new levels of coherence? I say a shrinking of the collective from fear and mind controlling factors. It is new levels of awareness being released. It is the law of one slowly becoming known. Will we be able to responsibly focus on a positive,or is that why all prophecies are presently slowly unfolding?

Ask the children, they know.

What creatures are closer to the vibration of the creator. What better mirror to our future then those who would reflect it.

Today while teaching, and playing a tag game a group of 2nd graders decided to follow the lead of another. This student decided he was going to stop play and sit down and meditate in the lotus position saying OHM with his fingers in circles. Imagine my surprise as I now had a classroom of little buddhas. It took a few seconds and stop of play to get them refocused. It did make me wonder. It was 12:25 and I wonder what swept through the class at that moment. Perhaps nothing, perhaps more.

Between dreams and reality we are moving from world to world. This world is a crystalization.

Had this answer in a dream last night. That between dimensions is as simple as being between dreaming and waking. As all nature moves from form to form and crystallizes in time. This is what we are seeing between dreaming and waking. That the world of dreams is that of the infinite ocean of ideas not bound by the laws of this reality. That in this reality like it says biblically we are coming to an understanding of good and bad and it’s impact. That when we can rightly attune to the nature of God this world can become one with that of the dream. That waking to the one means being responsible for our brothers as well as ourselves. We must have this present reality to find bliss in the world of dreams as we learn to overcome the nature of sin.

The kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven means that this world will one day come to join the one of dreams. In that moment we will be free to be bound only by our thoughts. Yet this freedom only comes with the recognition and responsibility unto God and his glory. Unto the return of one through the one.
Jungian and eastern philosophy teach that “reality” is a manifestation of the projection of the personal psyche interfacing with the thoughtfield of the By transforming your own reality, you alter and change the collective, because All Is One. Knowing your upcoming transits can help you plan and understand your life.

How does one embrace the higher self?

There is the “You” that is being written in the ether. Your greatest dreams of potential that go out into the infinite cosmos. Then there is the “You”, that is in the 3rd dimension bound by laws that unfolds at a pace where we learn choice and consequence in relation to others. Now the more one embraces the path that “God”, has set. The more we see the higher self descend upon our very being. Yet in this reality there is so much connected to consistent right action that this path is like biblically stated very narrow. I personally have grown to love this life, to want to glory in the daily experience that is living. To revel in the gifts we have given. Yet I dream of a bigger picture. I know many do as that higher self descends and the embrace begins.

The more I dream, the more I embrace, the clearer the picture comes.  Yet I balk at my dreams and remain still in this moment, content yet hungry. Have others come to this world between?

Is bliss possible?

I believe I have known it in brief moments; heaven on earth. In the eyes of a child you will find it . Once also I went into the woods at night to pray. With faith I dared myself on and conquered fear. What I found was the next day a cetain unexplanable euphoria. A freedom so to say for a day from all manner of evil. I saw it as a natural state yet it faded away.

Later I travelled cross country and fasted for 24 days. Again this state came over me and lasted for about a month. What I found was an increased energy, an ability to read people, greater access to the dream world, but above all I would say joy. Yet I lost it again.

Has anyone else ever found bliss? Could it be we aren´t even close to existing in our greatest form?

The Kundalini is a resonance of primordial wave form.

I had a dream just yesterday.  In it my kundalini was woken by a guru.  It was a strange remarkable experience in which it is hard to describe.  My whole being was encompassed and it took me a few seconds to settle into it.  The original surge was fearful.  Later I tried to move it through the body realizing the chakras.  I moved out of it when my body started to rise and move and I wasn’t controlling the actions.  It was then I tried to analyze what was the kundalini and what was it’s purpose.  I came to the conclusion it was a resonance of ancient wave form.  It was a return to primordial creation when life first moved upon the waters.

I asked the guru if this was indeed true.  He did not answer and just packed up to leave.  I then pressed him for the meaning of this energy, and he just looked at me with a blank expression as if he did not know.  It was if he was saying you need to find out for yourself.

True and strange dream.


Oh Wow!

Wake up!

Brilliance abound with the gifts of sound.

Thank you,

Hoonopoono, it is coming.


The Art of Anonymous Blogging.

When I started blogging I found a gap between what I wanted to say and what I felt I could say.  In essence the masks we wear govern our every day.  There is freedom in being anonymous, but there is also cost.  The goal of the blogger is to drive readership.  When one falls lonely on their words they must have impact.  It would be easy to link to friends through Facebook and Twitter.  To do this there is a sense of standing naked before your real world.  This real world person keeps us bound within mores ans standards.  So here in lies the dilemma.  Be free with words and trust them to influence ,or expand with courage, and let the real world see you.

Our real world being is in essence a shadow of our real self that exists somewhere in the in between.

So staying anonymous allows one to truly reflect.  Find your resonance and bring your message unto it.  Then success will follow.

Give Light

In the dark our minds abide as memories arise.

Give light to the living.

Free humanity with emptiness.


Get of the wheel and follow the straight course.

Remember September falls with grace.

May rings in the new from a desolate place.

Summer air is free from time.

As winter covers this mountain of haste.

Tears are many.