Two brothers one goal!!

Can we cast out demons in dreams?

I awoke from a fabulous dream. In it I was comforting a young boy who had been deeply scarred by abuse. I picked him up and took him to his demons to confront them, to look upon them.

When we got there a most terrifying entity flew out of him and came after me. As I fled I have never felt such terror as a snakelike creature looked to consume me. I then awoke from fear, but was still in the dream. There were flashing white lights all through my room. I called upon Jesus and told the entity to get behind me. Slowly I saw Jesus face appear smiling. I knew the entity had been cast out.

Then I saw the Kundalini. It was a crystal shinning forth from within us. It was neither good nor bad, but a part of us. It is we who take this individual power and let it corrupt. It is our reptilian nature. Our ability to shift that we have yet been able to handle.

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