Two brothers one goal!!

Are we seeing the beginning of movement by thought as a scientific possibility?

I’ve always thought of heaven on earth meaning the freedom from our physical bodies and the creation of a being that can move and exist by thought alone.

“Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven”, this we were asked to pray above all prayers.  Would it not come if we were asked to pray?

Now with the scientific community many things have happened and are happening that are leading us towards a world were this may be possible.  Are we ready for it?

First quantum locality proves that a particle can be in two or  places at once.

Perhaps the out of body experience is a thing we are waking to.

Second Dan Winter is proposing dna can carry the same effects.  Emotions can be transported over space instantaneously.

Third science has also proposed that the self can be relocated to other bodies.

Now put the three together.  Can the self be in two or more places at once?  If it is possible would we not then be able to move by thought.

I know this idea will be loudly attacked but I’m talking about possibility.  Remember we were told to pray for this above all things.

Maybe it’s coming.

Enter the twilight zone.


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  1. Terry Lynn

    What are dreams made of….I’ve had some pretty decent dreams lately. Some inspiring and others welcome to insights for future events, which do come true. Back in 2008, I was awoken by a startling dream, that my ex-husband had gone to a Halloween party the night before (in the dream) dressed as a gay blissful character with an out of sync outfit (pinstriped pants & polka dot shirt), something wacky to say the least. He was standing on a street corner under a street light. =) When I came to terms, it was only a dream. Phone rang 2 hours later. Guess who? My ex. We shared our weekly updates and before we ended our conversation; I mentioned the dream, and he laughed and said, btw ” I did attend a Halloween party last night. “How did you know? “He said. Haha…I suppose our love & friendship will last forever! Were All Connected, we’ve just need to believe & realize this Truth~ Awesome article btw =)

    June 9, 2012 at 5:31 am

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