Two brothers one goal!!

Can we change our lives by becoming aware in dreams?

I was reading awhile back and remember finding someone claiming that the dream state is a time one can use to evolve.Now consider this. The brain can’t distinguish between what it imagines and what is real. That in our minds what we envision and what we see are the same as reality. If this is so then perhaps what happens mentally in our dreams, also affects us physically.
Through meditation one can slowly learn to control their dreams. To lucid dream is to become aware in our dreams. Now if we gather knowledge to heal the body and transform it, should we not use these things in our dream state?  For example science points out certain frequencies to heal and repair dna. Why not turn it on in our dreams. Why not go in and rewire the body, use it to repair the shape our very dna.
Is this the same as hypnotism, or is it deeper?
The Seed of Life, Tree of Life, and Fruit of Life begin when we consciously “plant” the dark, moist soil of the sub-conscious.

To bring the conscious mind into the dream state, is the sign of an initiate.

But to bring the sub-conscious mind into the waking life, is the sign of a master.


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