Two brothers one goal!!

Does water contain the spirit of the infinite and house the soul?

Why are we made of mostly water?

Had this thought while dreaming the other night. If water holds memory and we are mostly made of water wouldn’t that mean water is the place of our consciousness and the place our soul resides. It is where we presently exist in the infinite. Water doesn’t forget it just changes form.
I heard in the documentary, “Experiencing the Soul”, that the Native Americans say we are in the process of moving from water to light.Angels are creatures of light.  We see all interdimensional beings as thought forms taking the body forms of light.  Light can be in many places.  Perhaps dying to be reborn means our being becomes a creature of light.  That we retain our beings within the form of light.
Water is ´consciousness´ in our physical 3rd dimensional reality. It is a memory bank of stored information and our physical means of identity. the Earth´s consciousness, the ´outer´ consciousness is a ´memory´ of stored – and now chaotic – mis-information built up over time, and the Earth´s consciousness shares this information with our own consciousness through resonance. As a result, the Earth´s consciousness has become the home of the greatest Illusionary Shopping Mall of all time. Using squatter´s rites, the Illusion – the great lie of Man – houses all its wares, products and tactics and its library of [mis] information within the consciousness (memory) of the Earth and feeds this imbalance back to us. And as we begin to believe in the lie, we reinforce it through our beliefs and our actions and the disease, the imbalance we have created is perpetuated, and continues to grow from strength to strength.[link to]

2 responses

  1. Dave

    Nothing new – Emoto discovered all of this many years ago. The oceans and rivers are all polluted so guess what information you will be drinking, yuk!

    December 30, 2011 at 4:29 am

    • I hadn’t mentioned Emoto. There are other figures involved in the study of water. Emoto has to much controversy surrounding him. Also his predecessors in homeopathy who invited others in to observe results didn’t fair well, so I don’t blame him for being so secretive.

      December 30, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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