Two brothers one goal!!

Is the left hand path evil?

This term is often associated with Satanism and worship and glorification of the individual, but does it really mean this?

The Left Hand Path is solitary, individualistic, personal, based on self development, self analysis, self empowerment. Altruism is materialistically equated as long term selfishness.

There are often multiple meanings for all things.  Some hidden, some on the open.  We know we live in a world of opposites with magnetism guiding our mental constructions.  Our brain has two hemispheres and is only highly functioning when both sides work together.  So would not it be that we should look closer at this ideal in order to consider what might be the fullness concerning how we see the world?

The left has become nearly universally shunned. The right has been associated with all things good and pure whilst the left has been shunned as unholy, evil and relegated to inferiority [Gregory 1987, Gooch 1984]. Although Gooch says that “the left is universally unlucky in the classical world”, in “The Oxford Companion to the Mind” by Richard L. Gregory (1987) the author says that “this symbolism has pervaded nearly all cultures (except the Chinese)”.

Do we have a world out of balance?  Is this the reflection we see on a global scale?

Is this not the creative force of our existence?


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