Two brothers one goal!!

Does the “Myth” create reality? Is it alive in infinite space?

I love to listen to Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung talk. their understanding of myth, IMO goes beyond what we commonly term a metaphor. Now many cultures have their myths as many of these myths cross time and space. We see now the past, present, and future as one connecting to the other. Myths or metaphors are timeless ways of connecting us to our present situations. In fact they often present a way out.
Now where do these collective methaphors originate from? Is it the place of spirit where matter is created? Is it the collective thought that forms our reality? Is it thought is the place unbound by time and space where matter is first borne? I like to think of it as a great ocean. In this ocean of the timeless like minded ideas are bound. They collectively form a wave. Enough strength and that wave crest breaking into matter.
Now take the Christ for example. Told by many peoples in all time. Yet it was manifested in the meridian of time. Perhaps thoughts never die. They go on in the place we came from.

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