Two brothers one goal!!

Can abductees become unplugged?

Several years back I had a dream in which I didn’t forget. At the time it made little sense. Now I’ve seen parts of it fit. Would anyone have any insight into this dream?

I was a child hiding behind my house. There was a gray with me who was acting as my friend. I was a little unsure of it. He told me he wanted to plug me in and it would all make sense. He acted very excited about showing me. Then a giant machine fell from the sky. I remember this machine was a tube torus. In that moment I rejected the impulse to be plugged in and I felt myself unplugged. I awoke very fast and saw the gray by my bed. In fear it rapidly went behind the door.  It was surprised and then it disappeared.  As I awoke I had a sore red spot on my forehead.


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