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The Fox

The fox, sly and cunning.

Always sneaking on the prowl.

In the dead of the night you sneak like a snake.

Searching for something you can’t find.

Running away from life one step at a time.

Run with the day, stand up and be free.

Let your self, live, jump, and see.

Stop sneaking, snooping, and stinging for all to see.

That fox must one day learn.

Life isn’t some secret to be found.

It’s fun, it’s beauty, and it doesn’t die without a sound.

13 Masonic Secrets (Online Documentary)

Been working my way through this online documentary and am still digesting it.  I have come about most of this esoteric knowledge in one form or another, but not all.  I also have not seen this put together in this order.  I am recommending and inviting conversation on the said information.  Lot’s to think about.  Why is all this surfacing now?  All the parts can be found on youtube.


This is how I feel about it.

The whole trip has been about trying to write the final piece to the saga that is man. It is about first contact. Egyptian science tells of the three kings moving into Sirius which is the brightest star, then into the sun.

The pillars of Jacob and Boaz are also the two witnesses.

They are empowering the thought form.


There’s a poem on every piece of paper.

There’s a song in every guitar.

A story in every pen.

A word, an answer, in every breathe.

A life worth living in everybody.

Hiding in the corner is the truth.

Buried deep is peace.

Lying out of reach is knowledge we need to teach.

Every day is drips like dew, falls like snow.

All the answers we may never know.

Does water contain the spirit of the infinite and house the soul?

Why are we made of mostly water?

Had this thought while dreaming the other night. If water holds memory and we are mostly made of water wouldn’t that mean water is the place of our consciousness and the place our soul resides. It is where we presently exist in the infinite. Water doesn’t forget it just changes form.
I heard in the documentary, “Experiencing the Soul”, that the Native Americans say we are in the process of moving from water to light.Angels are creatures of light.  We see all interdimensional beings as thought forms taking the body forms of light.  Light can be in many places.  Perhaps dying to be reborn means our being becomes a creature of light.  That we retain our beings within the form of light.
Water is ´consciousness´ in our physical 3rd dimensional reality. It is a memory bank of stored information and our physical means of identity. the Earth´s consciousness, the ´outer´ consciousness is a ´memory´ of stored – and now chaotic – mis-information built up over time, and the Earth´s consciousness shares this information with our own consciousness through resonance. As a result, the Earth´s consciousness has become the home of the greatest Illusionary Shopping Mall of all time. Using squatter´s rites, the Illusion – the great lie of Man – houses all its wares, products and tactics and its library of [mis] information within the consciousness (memory) of the Earth and feeds this imbalance back to us. And as we begin to believe in the lie, we reinforce it through our beliefs and our actions and the disease, the imbalance we have created is perpetuated, and continues to grow from strength to strength.[link to]


The roaring thunder, the unceasing beauty,

talk to me, tell me.

The haze of mist, the light of day,

all say, all say.

One is with us when he sings,

the songs of nature as they bring.

Love thy Lord

Oh ye creatures great and small,

all ye feeling men may fall.

An ode to crescent moonlit night.

A determined butterfly deep in flight.

All this you can see,

can’t match match the love I feel for thee.

All we seek is that perfect moment when we are one with the all.

Was watching the movie, “Soul Surfer”, last night for the first time and I came to this realization at the end of the movie.  When she separated herself from the pack and became one with the water she caught that perfect wave.  Is that not what it is about?  In all of life we seek to tune with a divine rhythm and can only explain it as that moment when all is right.  All our searching and we come to know this is the place we seek.

Things are perfect in their own way.

When have you caught that moment of perfection?

Falling Within

The ladder reaches higher.

The hand stretches longer.

The myths created becomes grander.

All evolve in constant change.

In a battle, unfolding, shaping.

The falling from within.

Taking back what is not ours.

We have no choice but to die.

The wave has now become a standing wave.

It’s a constant open current. Just a matter of time. This world will no longer be yours. Get ye behind.

Expansion is upon us.
Transformation to our better nature has quickened and it will continue to as we grow to the understanding of the center.The myths that have been written are unfolding. The battle was never meant to be a physical one. It is in the bringing of the spirit. The opening of worlds has begun with the embrace of the whole.Fear based systems are collapsing and truth is coming in from all places.Now the open current will just keep expanding.
And some seed fell on good soil.
As above so below.

The Lorentz Transformation
The Electron Changes Ellipsoidal Shape With Motion

The Spherical Wave Structure of Matter tells us that there is no discrete particle and instead we are considering the behavior of the wave-center. Thus we realize that the motion of the particle through Space is actually the apparent motion of successive wave-centers which are determined by where each successive spherical (in reality ellipsoidal) In-wave meets at its respective wave-center. As the spherical In and Out waves combine and then cancel one another, the particle effect of the wave-center appears in a discrete point in Space, then disappears, then re-appears again as the next In-waves meets at its wave-center (roughly 1020 times per second).

Wave upon wave becomes a solid moving force.


What I saw was a reflection.

Humble yet exacting,

A vast array of fearlessness.

A beacon upon the open ocean.

Destiny unfurled.

The potential for love so pure.

Her face unfolding in my mind.

An ancient promise once held.

You have given me the potential,

for the now to become the moment.