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Learn to appreciate this reality. -message in strange dream-

I had a really odd, in my mind, profound dream last night. I would like to share as I know it was directed to me, but may mean something to others as well.In it I was in a car cruising into my local town. As I got further along the weather became worse and my driving more reckless. I was having fun crashing through snow banks. The traffic got worse and as I crept closer I wondered why. I saw many start to turn around rapidly and then I knew why. It was happening. I could hear gunshots going off rapidly ahead at a shopping center.

I sped home with the weather growing worse. My wife was then in the car with me. As we drove hills got large and things out of control. People were dying everywhere around us as all we could do was keep moving to survive. One by one I saw my family members dying to sacrifice so we could keep moving. Then a strange thing happened. The car jumped from a mountain and we landed on a mountain of white ash. I knew it was Iraq. All of I could think of then was this is where all those camel spiders are. I immediately leapt back to this continent.

Finally we slowed and I realized we had made it. I saw patches of green around and a few survivors laying about. I saw a group of the military in a row boat. We all looked at each other. Then in unison we began to weep as a terrible sense of mourning overcame us.

Then a voice from above spoke very clearly. It said you have to start by appreciating this reality. I awoke and couldn’t forget it.


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  1. amothman33

    It is not a reply, it is a question.Do you think the white ash mountain, that is Iraq, has nothing to do with the masscare and the mournining at the end of the dream. We are living in a dream and our dreams are reminders of our dream. There is only one god and his message is basically ethical not epistomological. Knowledge is a limitless ocean, ethics is the anchorage.I hope we can let goand love others as we love oureslves.

    December 15, 2011 at 8:34 am

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