Two brothers one goal!!

To become universal beings we must let go.

I had this thought today and it cascaded into a whole download of knowledge. Once while fasting for a prolonged time I knew bliss. I lost it but experienced what it was. Now I slowly return. During this whole transformation never once did I experience a sexual urge. This immeditately came back when I returned to the earthly. Also during this time the dream state became so real it was often confused with reality. They relayed messages in a more profound way. Gradually all doubt slipped away and concerning choices a knowing took its place.

Now in the bible we see angels and here of the stories of those that fell. I see angels with wings as a symbol for freedom from gravity. An evolutionary state we seek in terms of being bound by the constraints of this reality we percieve. In death a tiny amount of weight slips away. Theoretically light slips from the pineal and our bodies return to the earth. Perhaps like a butterfly we are emerging into the light and we are in a learning process in which we must let go of those things that bind us.

As a young child I would pray and see the flashes of light. The only thing I knew that held me back was this constraint within and the urge of sex that is in us all. I knew even if God asked me to let this go I couldn’t and it was why I needed to be here. When I lost this urge in fasting I never once thought of it. It was a freedom that was given and I needed not to let go.

What does it mean to be a universal being like Jesus Christ who’s kingdom is not of this world. I would say one must embrace the all that is destiny and be in many places at once. To be like light and shine in heaven as a beacon. When mankind willingly accepts it’s place that God has set for it ,then we shall see the greatness of the gift that has been given. Now we see glimpses.

We are endlessly evolving as all creation does.


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