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Hendaye cross and masonic symbols.

Several years back I was in a local new age store and saw a video, “Alchemic Secrets and the Hendaye Cross”. While I watched this I was blown away. The connections by Jay Weidner were astounding. I was totally floored. Not so much by the video, as by the fact I had recently seen the same symbols elsewhere. I had been in the Smithsonian a couple of months earlier and the minute I walked in and looked to the left I saw the angry sun and the trumpets on a giant headstone. It was from the Mormon temple in Navouu. Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob with masons in it.  He had put these symbols into his temple and had recently joined the masons.  Makes you wonder, Was he killed for revealing this secret?

Years ago on a Godlike thread Vincent Bridges and Sharon Rose came on it. Jay Weidner never openly came out, but I suspect he viewed it if his wife did. I asked them some questions, and they couldn’t answer. Since then I have watched the world unfold and seen this theory never disproved.

Since then I have seen they have put together more movies. I have seen Paul Laviollette keep popping up.

So I watch; which is all one can really do. To see this future unfold is not a reality I desire. But, who can help but watch.