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Can the actions of the present change the reality of the past?

As a spiritual searcher I have noticed a new phenomenon. As my mind swims in the direction intent guides I find at the moment Iv´e thought there nothing more to find I see knowledge appear I thought not previously there. This brings up the question again of timelines. Can a collective wish change present reality? Anyone else hold knowledge of this sort.

Time is a strange unknowable thing. Or so it appears. In regards to technology of time where do we stand?
Retrocausality says this is possible.

Retrocausality, Time Travel, and Quantum Physics

March 14, 2007 – 4:52pm — bexIf that title didn’t bore the pants off of you, then the rest of this blog will!

The San Francisco Gate recently published an amazing article on retrocausality, which is the idea that things we do in the present go backwards in time to affect the past.

Naturally, many scientists think its silly to think you can go back in time: that would require something to go faster than the speed of light.

Plus, what about causality? Say I got my hair cut today. Then say I went back in time to yesterday to burn down my barber’s place (no offense Scott, its just an illustration). Would my hair instantly grow back?

In general, this debate is between Einstein and his General Relativity fans, and the Quantum Physics fans. The former say time travel and faster-than-light travel is impossible, because that leads to incredibly weird paradoxes and a breakdown of causality.

The Quantum Physics folks basically reply, “Boo hoo! We’ve been dealing with incredibly weird paradoxes and a breakdown of causality for a hundred years… AND we’ve invented the laser, the computer, and superconductivity. What do you got?”

As you may have guessed, I side with the latter camp…

I am glad to read about a fearless quantum physics geek who may actually be able to prove time travel on a small scale is possible.

Boring physics experiments aside, the article goes into detail about the possibility that there is nothing strange at all about retrocausality. Quite possibly, time travel happens every day in small ways, and we are just not aware of it.

My hero, Richard Feynman, famously noted that a positron behaves exactly like an electron traveling backwards in time. Others have expanded on his observation with very interesting results. Perhaps these particles even go back in time all the way to the big bang, to affect the fundamental nature of our universe!

Have others noticed the more we move to the belief in 2012 the more things are happening?  The more you focus the more ancient history information seems to be materializing.  The whole ancient aliens thing.