Two brothers one goal!!

Who is the immortal one? What happens when we die?

When we die what becomes of us.  The book of the dead is a guide.  It speaks of the immortal one. What does this reference?  An over soul, or our souls? I’ve heard the book of the dead teaches us to go unto the light and transcend before our soul is incarnated again upon this plane.  What do you say?

Hey, immortal one, you who was called _____! You continue to
wander in the between! Listen well, and keep this in your mind! In hell,
heaven, and the between, the body is born by apparition. But when the
perceptions of the mild and fierce deities arose in the reality between, you
did not recognize them. So after five and a half days, you fainted with
terror. Upon awakening, your awareness became more clear, and you
immediately arose in a likeness of your former body.



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