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The shape of the magic mushroom and evolution.

I had a dream awhile back in which I was life and observed over many eons the emergence of life from the earth.  It wasn’t a nice experience, but a great struggle to rise to the sun.  While recently viewing a video on the flower of life and how it impacts all life structure from the center of observation. I began to think about how the tube torus shape also runs through creation.

In another dream I saw this pattern emerge.  Through morphogenic resonance I saw rise out of the great cloud the sacred mushroom.  This mushroom holding the record off all life before.  This life struggled through the field of creation bringing life unto the new.

We see this pattern in the mushroom, the sperm, and the phallic symbol.  Sacred creation reaching into the ether holographically evolving unto what we are today.

I began to consider life that once existed, or life that once carried emerged out of a global cataclysm.  That the image we see in a cloud explosion was remembered and morphed as life was maintained and carried to where it is today.

The torus is taking consciousness on a ride.