Two brothers one goal!!

What are we, Recievers of light?

In considering the nature of human existence had this observation. The eye receives light. The absence of it shrinks the pupil. In the presence it widens. So essentially we are receiving light. Now consider the universe and the multi-dimensional aspect of our life as co-creators. In the infinite all one dreams would be reality out there somewhere. As we receive this light throughout life we are in the process of moving as consciousness from water to light.  This is what the native Americans say.

Creating a new universe. Upon death we return to this light we have absorbed and become a creature of it. A fourth dimensional being that can move by this light.

Now a black hole works much like the eye. All matter around it collapses on the center. To a point of nothingness,or a point we no longer know what it is. Could we as creators be the other side of the black hole. The receivers of light and therefore the creators of universes. Think of the implication and the importance God may have given us in creation.
As above so below.

One response

  1. StevenT

    Your pupils contract in the presence of light. They expand in low light or darkness.

    November 12, 2011 at 3:02 pm

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