Two brothers one goal!!

Why the Graphic Novel is set for takeoff.

The world as we seen it has changed around us as has the medium by which we view it. The internet has brought about emergence of multimedia.  One of the effects on the general population is people are now tending to view things in smaller bits of information.  Because of multitasking the human species is now taking in more then they ever have, and the general populace is hungry for the new.

As we see the mergence of learning styles we are seeing the combination of audio and visual.  Graphic novel offers us an in increased experience with the senses It’s also a medium ripe for change as the constructs that have guided the past are broadening.  The audience esoteric in nature looks for the internal expression.  It is an art form waiting to flourish.

Presently I am in the process of working on a graphic novel.  I find the experience to be enlightening in nature as I try and move to with cusp of change.



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