Two brothers one goal!!

Does the occult use ritual magick to shift timelines and manipulate reality?

I got thinking the other day about how the secret has been used by many. That all thoughts travel in collective circles. The more the power of the circle, the more the power of manifestation, the more the ability to jump timelines. That perhaps rituals by covens which are circles are ways in which the collective thoughts are manipulated. Spells for example are powered by beliefs. That some know we already live in the multiverse, the eternal now and they shift about the more the knowledge of how grows. That perhaps many of us are so preconditioned to a reality that is not real that we have no idea of our own being.

I had a dream and saw the eagle break the circle.
I thought of how Abraham was supposed to sacrifice his son.  How supposedly in occult they make this sacrifice for power.  Now does this idea go all the way back to our collective roots and Abraham?

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