Two brothers one goal!!

The uncertainty principle in the macro world.

We have been led to believe that as above so below governs all reality.  We see Einstein use this principle of e=mc2 to understand objects in the micro.

Now this is the catcher.  We are told to believe the uncertainty principle is only applicable in the quantum world.  Not in our physical. reality.  is this true?

In a multiverse governed by information we would see this make sense.  That it is a paradigm that governs how we see the world.  Is it possible that where the waves ripple and interference patterns are present we see splits in realities.

An example is Dr Emoto.  He is a quantum physicist who was made famous by his observation that water holds memory and is influenced by wave patterns.   Sceptics are attacking him because he has refused to duplicate PSI findings in an arena where other scientist can observe.

Wouldn’t the act of scepticism change the results to a point we have a split in realities.

Does this not explain all psi phenomenon that is tested scientifically.

How with what we know can we ever be completely sure of scientific method again?

This world has truly grown more mysterious and wonderful by our expansion of consciousness.

This man changed my view on everything.


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