Two brothers one goal!!

Risen Conscious Flow – Social Media and Revolutionary Ideas

I watch with amazement the rise of the individual, and how the powerful look to minimize the impact of instant communication of like-minded individuals without the interference of language, culture, or arbitrary lines.  It works with a quantum function, collapsing of the wave.  When like-minded individuals sense a shift, this world moves in accordance, since it is the wave function that turns a particle to matter.  When a great idea foments, the people communicate today with unfiltered immediate action due to social networks, to the ability to hear novel thoughts from source instantaneously.   It is a brave new world, look at the chaos that results as people realize there is more to life than living under the rule of dictators, the rule of control, the invasion of privacy, the threats of fear based media manipulation.

When it all comes out in the end, all must stand alone and account for our thoughts and more importantly our actions, then we shall answer to naught but ourselves.

It is becoming more clear by the day, the shift of the ages comes ever quicker, I feel it in my soul.  Freedom is coming this I know.  From me to you, love one another, love thyself, and watch the universe shift.

Our playground is going to expand, come play!  The binds that bound a controlled world are soon to be broken, we shall replace control with nothing, replace fear with love, replace hate with love, replace division with acceptance, replace media with social interaction, replace manipulation with art, see clearly, singularly, open up yourself to the great quantum shift of our age.


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