Two brothers one goal!!

If Jesus Christ returned would he still see the pharisees?

I have been a christian my whole life and on my own terms. It has freed me as I see the eternal within. What angers me is many christian establishments that would defy reason in the name of their faith. They see this hierarchy and right to interpretation as some right. They see not the universality of Jesus Christ, as truth is ignored in the name of the majority one finds themselves swept into a wave of control. Look at Europe and the empty churches to get a glimpse of the future. Every individual has the right to discernment and the right to question. A church is about the people and not the structure. Our need and right for worship is being misused. I say keep questioning and one will see.  The voice of god is manna from heaven as man does not live by bread alone.

Ages ago the gnosis movement was the most powerful threat to the church.  It is now reestablishing it’s momentum and the voices hidden away are now being heard.

The age of revelation is returning.  How did they dare ever say revelation is dead?  God speaks in every moment.

We need to find the universality of God that starts in the truth of the figure Jesus Christ.


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  1. Hello, I’m trolling the net drumming up interest for my novel in progress, The Acts of Simon Magus, and you looked like someone who may find it of interest. It’s an epic historical fantasy from the point of view of Christianity’s greatest enemy and original Gnostic, examining the events and characters responsible for the rise of Christianity and its consequences for the world.Of course Jesus himself is a character, from a point of view I don’t think has been done before. Draft indiegogo page:

    March 10, 2013 at 10:38 pm

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