Two brothers one goal!!

Sacred symbols act as triggers upon our consciousness.

It has become increasingly aware to me that symbols we find everywhere are acting upon us in ways we do not know.  It makes sense as a world based in vibration that brings forms out of the void would also us the forms to bring the vibrations.  I was into meditation for awhile and observed in my mind an active Merkaba.  This was long before I knew what it was.  I was following a book meditating on a chakra and saw it happen.

Now when I watch movies I see them constantly using symbols.  I wonder what things they are trying to bring about.  There is a transformation occurring at a base level.   This is also why crop circles are increasing in complexity.
What change is upon us and by whom is it driven?

Found this interesting article on this subject.
Sacred Sites as Portals of Time and Triggers of Transformations of Consciousness
By Mark A. Schroll, Ph.D.
The year 1905 ushered in the modern era of physical theory about spacetime and energy, but most importantly—and most mysteriously—it raised to a new level of importance the concept of a field, and the even more elusive—neither here nor there—quantum.  The quantum is a concept whose ultimate implications even Einstein could not accept, yet it was he who ushered in this revolutionary way of seeing and understanding.  Perception, or the absence of perception, is one of our primary difficulties in understanding field theories and the quantum, because there is no central metaphor to provide us with a way to conceptualize modern physical theories’ abstract mathematical representation.  Or is there?  As we continue to remind ourselves while reading the articles in this issue of Rhine Online, humankind



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