Two brothers one goal!!

Are we living in the real world?

Saw part of an autobiography the other day about Jung. It hit me like a load of bricks. His belief was the psychic dream world is the real eternal world and this one is the illusory one. That we are hear because of a split in the psyche, and we don’t always see the eternal language of symbols. We are walking between worlds.

In Waking life I love the part of dreams. How he states our imaginary world is held back by serotonin inhibitors. That what we hold inside as images are the same to the brain as what we see outside. I said bingo. We are living in the eternal seeing only the transient. Do we live in a reality of resonance in a sea of possibility fulfilling an internal purpose?

Is the idea of the fallen angels really a symbol for mans fall from the world of spirit into that of matter?  The fall down and the climb back up of Jacob’s Ladder?  Are angels really the symbol of the aspect of the self that is not grounded?

I can remember a day where the discussion of a holographic matrix I would have laughed at.  Not so much anymore.





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