Two brothers one goal!!

The final story that is being told!

The archetype is a story that is continually told through time.  For some reason many of these stories have similarities that morph from form to form.  Throughout time the timeless starts to be heard and the story continues to manifest in a variety of ways.

The story of Jesus Christ was told in the stars and read by many cultures and times.  It sounded through the ages until it was finally manifested.

The final story in like manner is seeking to become flesh.  We have the story of the two witnesses.  The hero twins, the Mahdi, the antichrist. The phoenix Rising, the story of John Peniel given by Edgar Cayce.  We have the third secret waiting to be told.

We have the coming to an end of an age and the birth of a new told by many.


What are some of the other mythical archetypes spiraling to gather to create the one final story to be told.


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